Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions for Auto-Classification

Not all auto-classification technologies are created equal. The organization must evaluate the underlying technology. After all, if you are auto-classifying your content, don’t you want to know how it’s done?

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Auto-classification is a term that will scan the contents of a document and automatically assign categories and keywords found in the document contents. But auto-classification systems are not one size fits all. Some require training sets and if using rule building, multiple iterations are needed, and rules maintained and tested to improve accuracy. Others require outside application specialists or learning new languages. Preconfigured systems may be tailored to your industry but not your corpus of content.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Concept based auto-classification


    Real-time classification


    Underpin Governance

    Concept Searching’s core technology supporting our auto-classification capability is unique in the industry. Auto-classification clues are built by automatically generating multi-word concepts from clients’ own content. The classification engine then classifies the content to one or more nodes in one or more taxonomies inserting the metadata either into the managed metadata fields in SharePoint or directly into the document properties, in the case of content on the file shares. Elimination of complicated Boolean expressions, proximity, or scripting, the metadata is consistent and reflects the terminology without having to customize the output. Since the metadata is very precise, the auto-classification engine will identify intelligent content in context that can be used in applications such as records management, identifying confidential data, migration, text analytics, content management, secure collaboration, compliance and high performance search applications.

  • Concept Searching


    Are you looking for an auto-classification solution that you can manage but doesn’t need hands-on staff?


    Would you like to customize the auto-classification to align with your business?


    Do you have multiple metadata challenges that you would like to address?


    Would elimination of end user tagging and identification of where content is stored important to you?
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    Auto-classification not only organizes your content but provides an environment where information governance and compliance policies and processes can be implemented enterprise wide. With automatic multi-term metadata generation and powerful taxonomy tools  the positive impact on your business is quickly realized. Deployed in any environment, rapidly installed with auto-classification immediately available. As well as the visible impact of search improvement, the elimination of end user tagging reduces both the productivity drain and the tagging errors to safeguard information that should be protected, such as confidential information or records.

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    • Eliminates end user tagging, applying consistency and immediate search and discovery improvements
    • Auto-classification identifies intelligent content in context to users or line of business applications based on policy, process or role
    • Auto- classification is available for all environments and platforms and can run in real-time or on a scheduled basis
    • Auto-classification decisions can be used to take action on content based upon the information governance policies
    • Taxonomy management tools are intuitive and interactive reducing the learning curve to days not months
    • Integrates natively with the Managed Metadata Services in all versions of SharePoint, on-premises and online.
    • Rapidly deployed and highly scalable
    Concept Searching