Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions

Concept Searching technologies are deployed by organizations globally, to enable enterprise-wide solutions, delivering all manner of business outcomes


Technology must be a business enabler, solve a challenge, or improve a business process. If not, it is of no value. Content can offer an opportunity, be a threat, or both. Application challenges continue to escalate, processes are a struggle to implement, and content continues to proliferate. Rarely does a company design its technology with careful forethought, to both encompass IT and provide the solution to a business problem.

Still unique in the market, our core technology provides positive outcomes not available from any other solution provider. Innovation also comes from our clients, who use the software to solve challenges that we never thought of. Our comprehensive and flexible solutions have addressed challenges that face many organizations, and have been implemented to not only manage content but to transform, protect, and leverage content assets in order to achieve business benefits.

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