Social Media – Who really cares how many Tweets you get?

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Social Media – Who really cares how many Tweets you get?

TweetsI don’t often write about social media, probably because we are a ‘business to business’ (B2B) company and it’s nice to get a tweet, but it not game changing. Since we are B2B, tweets are around something that people have found interesting such as a webinar or a paper being written. We don’t even have a Facebook presence. We just didn’t think it was necessary.

So where am I going here? Heinz Ketchup really doesn’t need my ‘Like’ to succeed or not. From the organization perspective, they have an ‘it’s all about me’ mentality. As far as I am concerned there are many marketing departments who have lost their way, and marketing professionals who are getting paid on how many tweets and likes they can get.

The problem with social media it is typically one-way. It is not encouraging two-way conversation with your most valuable asset – your customer (or prospect).

Externally, social media for the most part isn’t doing its job. At a different level I resent the stealthy actions of search engines who believe they know exactly what I need and what I should be searching for. At times, the ads make me chuckle, other times you wish there was a button on your desk that would shout a large ‘Wrong Again’ back to the offending search engine for poor results.

My question, and I don’t have the answer, how do business to business companies leverage social media? Should they? Or in my case, who cares?

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