Social Media in the Public Sector

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Social Media in the Public Sector

The purpose of social media is to ultimately make government more efficient, but more importantly to make it more transparent, responsive, and easily accessed by citizens. The Internet has created a new level of democracy formerly dominated by specialists. Web 2.0, wikis, blogs, tweets and the like implies an easy and fast method of participation, cooperation, and interaction among people, regardless of where they are located.

However, that is easier said than done. Every Web 2.0 initiative must have a strategic as well as tactical strategy that encourages participation of citizens and transparency in government but is also appropriate and aligned with compliance concerns. These initiatives must also be cost efficient and the use of resources needed to support these activities must be quantified.

Although talking specifically about government, the same challenge applies to any organization. The deployment of any social media solution must be treated just like any IT project from both the technical and business viewpoint. What is the ROI? What are the metrics for success?

How will you obtain these metrics?

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