Social Media Gone Wild

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Social Media Gone Wild

You have to feel sorry for social media marketers. The state of the industry (if you want to call it that) is a maze of confusion as depicted below. I’m quite sure the landscape is changing daily – don’t know how they’ll ever fit it on the graphic.

So what’s the point you may ask? Organizations are just beginning to jump on the bandwagon of social media and social networking after a very slow start. Particularly to reach their audience in new ways. But what is the right strategy? There probably isn’t one. Social networking tools, that encourage collaboration, can link employees, partners, suppliers, and customers to share information, and are becoming useful tools for business communication. The primary business benefits of these collaboration and social tools are also accompanied by inherent weaknesses. There are several concerns, such as security, unauthorized use, and communication noise. The tools have also resulted in generating a surge in unstructured content which remains unmanaged.

Social media and networking tools can be effectively used to create business networks to share knowledge and expertise. Building Block 6 in our Smart Content Framework™ is Enterprise & Web 2.0, which provides structure for social networking applications. The primary benefit is the ability to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, either from content, or people expertise within a framework that can be managed and controlled.

What are the benefits?
• Improves search outcomes by providing insight into content
• Groups similar users, concepts, or content together
• Automatically tags content based on concepts as well as supports folksonomies
• Identifies people with expertise, knowledge or interest in a topic
• Can be embedded in the workflow of everyday activities
• Protects and secures confidential information from unauthorized participants

Knowledge is a corporate asset. Managing it within a proven infrastructure and technologies provides the ability to present relevant information to potentially different audiences, that effectively results in the sharing of the collective knowledge of the organization. A loosely organized, uncontrolled environment neither encourages relevant knowledge sharing nor does it drive a return on investment.

How is your organization implementing social media and networking?

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