Social Business – Driven Top Down or Bottom Up? WDYT?

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Social Business – Driven Top Down or Bottom Up? WDYT?

Along with Information Governance (IG), social intelligence, business social networking, Enterprise 2.0, whatever you choose to call it, is joining the ranks of popular topics of discussion. Like IG, I’m not sure how many are doing it. But social is an interesting topic.

It seems that the tide has turned, in that business social seems to have been given the nod by executive management. Which is natural, with people working from home, different time zones, byod, increasing issues with the lack of productivity using email, and a lack of consistency in the use of global tools. To communicate effectively, by removing the traditional barriers and obstacles, business social is a positive approach that can improve business performance.

One issue is still the end user. Opening up new communication channels in the form of social, still meets with resistant. And you can’t blame the end user. Based on the new economy, business users are being forced to do more, and with the added work load, who really wants to take time learning a ‘social’ application? And as odd as it may seem to some of us, social still does need training, which typically isn’t given for any application!

It’s the age old question, what’s in it for me? Reverse mindset. You don’t ask them if they find a personal benefit in a new records management application, you just expect them to use it. The opposite must be true in social as, in this case, you are telling them they will get direct value in making their life easier. It is personal. Most of the time that takes some convincing. I wonder how much information is solicited from the end users on what would be helpful and productive in designing a social application and what would not. Another typically radical approach.

Have you implemented a social business application? How was it received? Was it driven from the end users up, or management/IT down?


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