SharePoint Term Set Creation and Management – Not that Hard Really

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SharePoint Term Set

SharePoint Term Set Creation and Management – Not that Hard Really

Well, it isn’t hard if you have a tool that can help you do it. There are some taxonomy vendors out there offering solutions that natively integrate with the SharePoint Term Store, all to differing degrees.

The Term Store is Microsoft’s attempt at a taxonomy offering. Many organizations can’t be bothered to use it. Others have knuckled down and spent the time and money to laboriously create, change, and manage term sets.

They do this hoping against hope it will improve search, unaware that a taxonomy tool could support not only search but any application that requires the use of metadata. Think records management, migration, collaboration, data privacy, and protection of confidential information.

If you use term sets for just search, it is doubtful whether you achieve it successfully. If you start using term sets for the applications mentioned, it becomes impossible. Then you take all those applications and start making workflows, which can get quite complicated. Any type of information governance just went down the drain and organizational risk went up considerably.

If you are using the Term Store, that’s great. It is native and is, at least for now, supported by Microsoft. But as a taxonomy tool, it just doesn’t cut it.

Get with the program. Too expensive? Well, there is an old saying that you get what you pay for. Nothing for nothing equals nothing. Too harsh?

Watch this blog space to see some generally accepted rules to calculate the return on investment for using an auto-classification and taxonomy tool.

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