SharePoint Governance – Getting the Beast Under Control

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SharePoint Governance – Getting the Beast Under Control

Jill Hannemann, Practice Director for SharePoint Advisory Services at Portal Solutions, one of our partners, wrote an interesting article on their blog regarding SharePoint and information governance.

A statistic Jill quoted was only 26% of SharePoint administrators and business leaders felt they had a well-defined strategy. Jill also stated that ‘everyone knows you need a governance strategy’. I am not sure about that statement, but some organizations view this as a lower priority, insurmountable, and without a strong ROI, so it doesn’t get done, when in fact with proper planning and incorporating a strategic as well as tactical approach, which is what Jill does, it can be successfully accomplished.

SharePoint does have some great ‘hooks’ to enable governance but at the end of the day it largely involves people and processes. Strategy and technology have to be in place but information governance is a constantly moving target and that is a tough beast to get under control. It is not just an IT project that has a finite end and can be put on the shelf. It is an on-going business project that does deliver a whopping ROI if done right.

If you have SharePoint, how have you implemented governance? Or have you?

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