SharePoint 2013 – Out of the box magic?

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SharePoint 2013 – Out of the box magic?

MaginKMWorld had an excellent article entitle SharePoint 2013: Is it a product or a platform.  The article was written by Tony Byrne, from Real Story Group.  He illustrated this point with a SharePoint Team blog post that read:

“Use SharePoint as an out-of-box application whenever possible. We designed the new SharePoint UI to be clean, simple and fast and work great out-of-box. We encourage you not to modify it, which could add complexity, performance and upgradeability and to focus your energy on working with users and groups to understand how to use SharePoint to improve productivity and collaboration, and identifying and promoting best practices in your organization.”

What Mr. Byrne pointed out was that most, if not all value from SharePoint traditionally has come from customization.  Either from internal resources, Microsoft partners, and consultants.  The issue brought up was even with the new interfaces and spruced up features (even great features) with blogs, wikis, social networking, etc. the problem is extending them and integrating them to provide business value. Without business value, there is no value.

His conclusion was SharePoint 2013 is not ‘out-of-the-box’. I agree.  What do you think?

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