We’re Just Trying to Achieve Collaboration – Does Security Really Matter?

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Secure Collaboration

We’re Just Trying to Achieve Collaboration – Does Security Really Matter?

Secure collaboration. You don’t hear much about it – at least, I don’t. According to our annual SharePoint and Office 365 State of the Market survey results, secure collaboration is a high priority. We know that for the public sector, even within government agencies, secure collaboration is a must-have. Exactly what is secure collaboration? Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? You lock specific users out of documents. That’s how it is usually depicted. But there is much more to it than that.

Let’s take the public sector, but this still applies to any industry. At all levels, public sector bodies increasingly collaborate, some globally and many across state borders, with a wide variety of external stakeholders. This inter-collaboration, intra-collaboration, and information sharing requires vigilance in matters of information security, data sovereignty, and the protection of confidential information or intellectual property.

The ability to automatically group programmatic information assets, identify potential exposures prior to sharing, and apply appropriate distribution controls before the information is shared eliminates the risk of an exposure. This approach results in intelligent, secure information sharing and increased project success.

The same applies to businesses. In some instances, competitors experience mutual benefits in working together on certain projects, at least we do. You do what’s right for the business. In any scenario, with friend or foe, or even internally, there is certain information that you don’t want shared.

If you are not starting to think about secure collaboration, then maybe you should. It is an important part of a successful digital workplace. Do you have processes and controls that allow internal and external stakeholders to access highly specific assets from within content, yet let them have access to the relevant documents? Do you think secure collaboration is important?

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