Saving the trees in Australia

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Saving the trees in Australia

A new war in the Australian government is being waged against paper. According to the National Archives of Australia director-general David Fricker federal government agencies are now spending about $220 million a year storing their paper records. “And that amount is only going to grow, as more information is created,” Mr Fricker said. “Two-hundred-and-twenty-million dollars is not sustainable; it’s wasteful.”

Federal agencies have until 2015 to move to a digital archiving system as the government would not allow paper files to be produced after that data. In any one year the 200 agencies generate over 850 million pieces of paper. It set a target of cutting each public servant’s internal paper use from an average of 40 sheets per working day to 20 by 2015.

Although Mr. Fricker stated that digital records were far easier to access and search, what wasn’t mentioned is the enhanced productivity of end users to find relevant information, answer public and government requests for information, improve records management, and ensure compliance. Presenting a hard ROI based on paper, the benefits to the agency can be significant.

A great idea whose time has come.

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