Risky Business and Shoddy Practices – Yes, I’m Talking to You

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Discovery, Risk, and Insight in a Metadata-Driven World

Risky Business and Shoddy Practices – Yes, I’m Talking to You

Gartner reports that 85 percent of information in a company is unstructured – IBM estimates 80 percent – and that an organization’s information doubles every 18 months. Less than 1 percent is even analyzed – it is just sitting there untouched, unused, with no corporate value.

How does a company begin to manage, organize or analyze that data? And why should it? Poor search results would be the most frequent answer, but the inability to manage a corpus of content also impacts records management, data privacy, and compliance, and prohibits text mining that can offer insight and improve decision making. Big issues in today’s corporate world and risky business.

I recently read that most executives don’t perceive unstructured data to be of value. Perhaps cybersecurity and the focus on privacy data will prove to be a wake-up call. However, we have many clients that place importance on unstructured and semi-structured data, and have realized it holds insight and value just waiting to be unlocked and used to business advantage.

An interesting case study explores how one of our clients, a medical research university, tackled the problem of poor information retrieval and transparency. Another client, a diversified investment management firm, needed to improve search for its staff. Both found significant value in their unstructured data, and were able to transform this content into knowledge assets. How about your organization?

Join us for our Discovery, Risk, and Insight in a Metadata-Driven World webinar, on Wednesday, June 13. Discovery, risk, and insight mean something different to every organization, even at different locations within the same company. This webinar shows the automatic generation and use of semantic metadata, to gain a detailed view of risk mitigation for data security, compliance, and operational intelligence.

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