Risky Business – What Data?

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Risky Business – What Data?

You may well now be at Microsoft Ignite, a veritable utopia for IT folks, eagerly awaiting those tidbits you have been hoping for. I have a tidbit for you, perhaps not loads of fun but certainly innovative. It’s about finding your data exposures, regardless of where they reside, protecting them, and processing them appropriately.

If you can spare a few minutes, stroll on over to Concept Searching at Booth 212 to see for yourself how our technology is easy to use and effective.

I will refrain from using any highfalutin marketing words and keep this to the point. Our insight engine statistically generates multi-term metadata that represents a concept, topic, or subject. The metadata is auto-classified, in real time should you wish, against one or more hierarchies, also known as taxonomies.

This unique technology delivers enormous flexibility, enabling you to find content that may prove harmful, if not catastrophic, to your organization. And it provides workflows to secure content, prohibit download, and notify staff of vulnerabilities, for resolution, redaction, or remediation.

While you are with us, ask about our content optimization solution to de-dupe, archive, delete, and identify undeclared records and compliance exceptions.

Coupled with your existing security solutions, our technology has the ability to identify all data privacy and sensitive information. So you can sit back and relax – you’ve got it all under control.

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