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2017 Webinars

  • SharePoint and Office 365 State of the Market Survey Results Webinar

    Using data from Concept Searching’s fourth annual state of the market survey, this webinar presents an engaging and thought-provoking bird’s-eye view of projects your SharePoint and Office 365 colleagues are working on, their priorities and future initiatives, and what’s been put on the back burner. What did the survey respondents tell us? Hybrid search is […]

    Metadata Tagging

    The Nuts and Bolts of Metadata Tagging and Taxonomies Made Easy Webinar

    Taxonomies are often thought of as hard to use and needing specialized applications or IT skills. Not so with Concept Searching’s unique technologies. See how taxonomies, auto-classification, and multi-term metadata generation unburden the IT team, eliminate end user tagging, and empower business users. Understand the return on investment from an effective infrastructure solution for search, […]

    Groundbreaking and Game-changing Enterprise Search Webinar

    This thought-provoking webinar explores what intelligent enterprise search should be. Our solution is unique in the marketplace, and overcomes the limitations of other enterprise search engines. It was originally deployed as an enterprise search solution for engineers and support staff. This webinar focuses on how one unified view of all unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data […]

    Collaboration Can Be Dangerous Webinar

    In our SharePoint and Office 365 State of the Market survey results, collaboration was seen as a must-have for organizations of all sizes. Opening the floodgates to information sharing may have unintended consequences. This webinar examines secure collaboration, and discusses ways to overcome potential security breaches. The session provides information about the tools needed to […]

    How To Webinars

    These webinars are only 15 minutes in duration and provide a quick overview of business problems and solutions, and Concept Searching products and technologies.

  • How To Use Advanced Functionality in conceptTaxonomyManager

    The more advanced features of conceptTaxonomyManager are covered in this webinar. Gain an in-depth understanding of how the ongoing management of taxonomies is simplified through powerful tools, and learn how to deploy and maintain security in a large, distributed taxonomy environment. Explore creating new classes and refining them with weightings, advanced clue types, distributed working, […]


    This webinar explains how to get the most out of conceptSearch, with its innovative technology delivering both high precision and high recall, by weighting compound terms or multi-word phrases. This is particularly important for organizations that need sophisticated search and retrieval solutions. It explores compound term extraction, relevance rankings, automatically generated related topics,faceted navigation, and […]

    How To Automatically Update SharePoint Content Types

    Short – 15 minute overview and demo of conceptClassifier for SharePoint and conceptTaxonomyWorkflow. Explains and demos the steps to automatically change a content type in SharePoint based on the concepts in a document.

    How To Drive Intelligent Migration

    Using conceptTaxonomyWorkflow this webinar will discuss how to use intelligent metadata to drive document migration from file shares to SharePoint, or from SharePoint to SharePoint.

    How To Manage the SharePoint Term Store

    Managing the SharePoint Term Store is a manual process. Learn how to automate the process and easily manage the Term Store, as organizational requirements change. Understand applying new terms to the Term Store, native bi-directional integration, using conceptTaxonomyManager to manage term sets, creating classification clues, refining term sets, and the search experience with intelligent metadata […]

    How To Use Intelligent Metadata in Records Management

    This webinar offers practical insight into the use of intelligent metadata in records management, through the automatic identification of documents of record, application of content types, and the definition of workflows against a taxonomy – mirroring the file plan. It deals with records identification rather than records management, tagging of content, identification of documents of […]

    How To Fulfill the Canadian Government Records Initiative

    This webinar discusses how Concept Searching is fulfilling the Information Management (IM) and Recordkeeping (RK) directive within the Federal Public Service of Canada, with intelligent metadata. It explores data cleanup and metadata enrichment, intelligent migration, file share migration scenarios, RDIMS to content server with metadata scenarios, and RDIMS to SharePoint scenarios. Access the presentation here.

    How To Integrate Taxonomy and Term Store Management

    This webinar illustrates how to work with the taxonomy component in conceptClassifier for SharePoint – a powerful taxonomy management tool that is still unique in the industry. Developed with the view that a taxonomy solution should be used by business professionals, and not the IT team or librarians, the end result is a highly interactive […]

    How To Set Up Migration Rules Using SharePoint and conceptClassifier for SharePoint

    Understand how to use conceptTaxonomyWorkflow, an optional component of conceptClassifier for SharePoint. Overcome the challenge of migration where documents exist in multiple places at the same time, different revisions of the same document exist, and identify documents that should be deleted, and others that should be archived. Identify records that were never declared, as well […]

    How To Add Intelligent Semantic Metadata in SharePoint

    Learn how to automatically generate intelligent semantic metadata in SharePoint 2010 and 2013, using the award-winning conceptClassifier for SharePoint. This is the only semantic metadata generation, automatic document classification and taxonomy management solution that provides a single code base for all versions of SharePoint. It is being used to meet a variety of business challenges […]

    How To Use Intelligent Migration in Office 365

    Migration is typically not a favorite task of IT administrators or end users, and can wreak havoc with budgets. Most projects are prone to failure. But most migration projects don’t use highly specialized technologies to automatically generate semantic metadata based on specific concepts within content, auto-classify the content, and provide powerful taxonomy tools to accurately […]

    How To Eliminate Data Exposures in Office 365

    Most Office 365 organizations think they are safe because they are ‘only’ using collaboration in the cloud. Think again. This webinar examines the challenge of cyber security and shows you how we meet it. conceptClassifier for Office 365 identifies unknown security or confidential exposures in real time from diverse repositories. Identification of not only standard […]

    How To Address Records Management in Office 365

    This webinar focuses on records management challenges in Office 365 and hybrid environments. Learn why you don’t want to use Office 365 as a records repository but why you do want to address records declaration in the cloud to ensure enterprise wide information governance. Access the presentation here.

    How To Use Taxonomy and Term Store Management in Office 365

    Discover the metadata advantage that provides consistency, transparency, and manageability regardless of your environment. Find out why metadata matters and is the critical component in developing an enterprise wide information governance plan. See how to set-up taxonomies and natively integrate with the Term Store. Learn how it impacts search, records identification, security, migration, legal, collaboration, […]

    How To Deploy Enterprise Strength Search in Office 365

    This webinar explores achieving enterprise strength search in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. What are the challenges? What is poor search costing you? And most importantly, how do you accomplish this? Find out how. Access the presentation here.

    How To Use the conceptClassifier for SharePoint Add-in

    Add-ins are becoming the default choice for software development, and Microsoft is encouraging its partners to develop add-ins to improve the ecosystem of applications, specifically for Office 365. Managing unstructured and semi-structured content has always been a challenge and has increased in complexity in both standalone and hybrid environments. Concept Searching’s SharePoint platforms are now […]

    How To Use SharePoint Add-ins for SharePoint On-premises and SharePoint Online

    Why use the conceptClassifier for SharePoint or SharePoint Online Add-in? Add-ins are becoming the default choice for software development, and Microsoft is encouraging its partners to develop add-ins to improve the ecosystem of applications, specifically for Office 365. Managing unstructured and semi-structured content has always been a challenge and has increased in complexity in both […]

    How To Achieve Successful Content Optimization, Validation, and Reporting

    Large quantities of heterogeneous data in an enterprise environment make it hard to analyze and quantify system performance. Watch to learn about Concept Searching’s toolkit service offering, developed with over 10 years’ experience of implementing metadata solutions. We have combined functionalities that have delivered value to many customers, to create a configurable and customizable offering, […]

    How To Implement Content Intelligence Within Your Organization

    What if you could not only search and discover, but also analyze, visualize and apply artificial intelligence to a normalized set of all structured and unstructured content within your organization, securely and in near real time? Concept Searching, C/D/H, and Microsoft have partnered to bring you a global, cross-industry content intelligence solution to deliver an […]

    How To Implement Engineering Search Within Your Organization

    What if you could not only search and discover, but also analyze, visualize and apply artificial intelligence to a normalized set of all structured and unstructured content within your organization, securely and in near real time? Concept Searching, C/D/H, and Microsoft have partnered to bring you a global, cross-industry engineering search solution to deliver an […]

    Thought Leadership and Client Focused Webinars

    These webinars focus on both thought leadership and the state of the market, together with how specific clients are deploying our technologies to achieve business benefits.

  • Why Metadata Matters in SharePoint Search and Information Governance With Special guest speaker Cem Aykan, Senior Product Manager Microsoft

    Sponsored by Concept Searching with guest speaker Cem Aykan, Senior Cem Aykan, Senior Product Manager, Enterprise Search at Microsoft and Don Miller, Vice President of Sales at Concept Searching explore the power of SharePoint Search, and its role as an integral component of enterprise information governance when combined with Concept Searching’s award winning conceptClassifier for […]

    Just the Facts: Auto-classification and Taxonomy Webinar With Special Guest Doug Miles, AIIM

    Sponsored by Concept Searching, with special guest host, Doug Miles, Director Market Intelligence at AIIM Somewhat befuddled by all the recent hype about auto-classification? Not really sure if an archaic taxonomy will solve your content management challenges? Many organizations want auto-classification but don’t know which way to turn. We can help. This informative and educational […]

    Metadata Matters: Business Critical Metadata moderated by Martin Garland, President Concept Searching and Special Guest Doug Miles, AIIM

    Metadata Matters: Business Critical Metadata Webinar, sponsored by Concept Searching and AIIM. This webinar discusses the organizational implications of poor metadata as it impacts a variety of applications, including search, records management, security, migration, content management, eDiscovery, litigation support, FOIA, social tagging, and text analytics.

    Metadata Matters: Focusing on Your Challenges 2015 Metadata survey highlights with Carla Mulley, VP Marketing at Concept Searching

    The Results Are In and Tallied – Results from the Concept Searching 2015 SharePoint and Office 365 Survey – Find Out What Your Peer Organizations are Doing and Planning We asked you how you were using SharePoint, Office 365, and OneDrive for Business. And you told us. Join us for this highly informative webinar to […]

    Exploring Automatic Metadata Generation Based on SharePoint Term Sets

    John Challis,  Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Concept Searching Many software products perform metadata capture and auto-classification, but SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online do not. Surveys indicate that the use of term sets is growing. Ideally, auto-classification of content to a taxonomy or to the SharePoint Term Store should be automatic and synchronized in […]

    The Value of Adding Managed Metadata to Microsoft Online Search

    Michael Paye, Chief Technology Officer a Concept Searching  The value of metadata still falls under the radar, business professionals ask ‘what’s in it for me?’ and IT professionals realize that, for the most part, manually created metadata is meaningless. The answer is to automatically generate metadata. This session will examine how automating tagging with end […]

  • The US Air Force Medical Service – Aligning Enterprise Information Governance & Content

    Presented at KMWorld 2012 as a follow on to “Leveraging Organizational Knowledge” and “KM Driven Collaboration” the Air Force Medical Service delivered “Aligning Enterprise Information Governance & Content” as the final of its three part series on how it has been using metadata since 2005 as a driving force to operationalize various aspects of it […]

    When and when not to use Third-Party Tools: Managing the Term Store and Auto-Classification in SharePoint 2010, A client case study with OppenheimerFunds

    Make calculated decisions on when it is important to invest in a third-party tool for SharePoint and when it is not necessary. This webinar discusses Case Studies on how the Term Store for SharePoint 2010 was leveraged in different ways to manage content, and when and where third-party tools became necessary. Project Performance Corporation reviewed […]

    Metadata Matters: eDiscovery at Nottinghamshire County Council Webinar

    Sponsored by Concept Searching with special guest speaker Lesley Holmes, Information Manager at Nottinghamshire County Council Find out how Nottinghamshire County Council has improved information access and discovered one of the many processes that can be enhanced by the Concept Searching Technology Platform. Nottinghamshire County Council is the 9th largest local authority in the UK […]

    Metadata Matters: External Self-serve Portal at Moffitt Cancer Center

    Sponsored by Concept Searching with special guest speaker David Stringfellow, Manager Portal and Web Technologies,  Moffitt Cancer Center Moffitt Cancer Center is a nonprofit organization. Its mission is to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. This informative webinar will provide details on how its online patient portal was developed and deployed using conceptClassifier […]

    Metadata Matters: Eliminating Manual Tagging at AllRegs by Ellie Mae

    Recorded webinar with special guest Lynn Richmond, Product Manager at AllRegs by Ellie Mae. Topic covers how they were able to eliminate manual tagging, shorten cycle time, and provide team more time to improve the classification.

    Metadata Matters: Collaboration, Search, and Information Governance at Brailsford & Dunlavey

    Sponsored by Concept Searching with special guest speakers Bart Hall, Director – Research and Methods, and Tim Presecky, Data Platforms Coordinator, from Brailsford & Dunlavey Brailsford & Dunlavey has earned a reputation as a premier national program management firm, and provides program management services in the AEC sector and for higher education, K-12, business and […]

    Partner Focused Solution Webinars

    These webinars are created in conjunction with some of our key partners, and focus on solving specific use issues often found within our client base.

  • Best Practices for Architecting Taxonomy and Metadata in an Open Source Environment in Conjunction with Enterprise Knowledge

    Sponsored by Concept Searching and Enterprise Knowledge. In this webinar Zach Wahl, President and CEO at Enterprise Knowledge, and Concept Searching discuss factors and best practices for integrating third party solutions into open source environments. Open source solutions are now mainstream and being evaluated by organizations of all sizes and all industries. Some of the […]

    How to Get Enterprise Search Right Webinar in Conjunction with COMPU-DATA International

    Sponsored by Concept Searching and COMPU-DATA International, LLC. Organizations are beginning to recognize that search is not a stand-alone technology or application, but must be integrated with business processes and corporate objectives as a key infrastructure component. Why? Providing enriched metadata to the search engine index significantly improves search applications, eDiscovery, FOIA requests, and collaboration. […]

    84% of Migration Projects Fail – Getting it Right in SharePoint in Conjunction with Portal Solutions

    Sponsored by Concept Searching and Portal Solutions. Migration of unstructured content can be a laborious and time consuming project. Many documents can exist in multiple places at the same time, different revisions of the same document can exist, some documents should be deleted and others should be archived. Documents can reside on file shares, older […]

    Reduce Cost, Time, and Risk – eDiscovery and Records Management in SharePoint Webinar in Conjunction with C/D/H

    Sponsored by Concept Searching and C/D/H. No organization wants to deal with litigation. eDiscovery is expensive, time consuming and risky. What are the costs? Add them up. Litigation support vendors $75K – $180K; document reviewers $80K to $180K; document review – one gigabyte takes 12.5 days; junk cull $75K to $180K; and the costs continue […]

    Climbing the Slippery Slope of SharePoint Migrations in Conjunction with Portal Solutions

    “A survey of corporate CIOs and general counsels found that, typically, 69% of the data most organizations keep can – and should – be deleted.” Compliance, Governance and Oversight Counsel (CGOC) Summit Sponsored by Portal Solutions and Concept Searching. So what happens to the 69%? Most likely it will get migrated with no rhyme or […]

    Data Breaches and Security Rights in SharePoint Webinar in Conjunction with CipherPoint

    Sponsored by Concept Searching and CipherPoint. 70% of all security breaches are due to an organization’s own staff.  Find out  how not to become a statistic. Security is increasingly becoming a significant challenge, regarding how unstructured and semi-structured content is protected, and also the security rights of the individuals within the organization that need to be […]

    SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive for Business Integrated Information Governance Solutions in Conjunction with Avanade and FEDSBUG

    Sponsored by Concept Searching, Avanade, and FEDSPUG. Concept Searching, currently the only vendor providing natively integrated enterprise wide information governance solutions for SharePoint on-premises, Office 365, and OneDrive for Business co-hosted this webinar with Avanade. Mack Sigman, FEDSPUG (Federal and DoD SharePoint Users Group) Chairman is the guest speaker. FEDSPUG is a community for the Federal Government […]

    Text Analytics in SharePoint or Office 365 Webinar in Conjunction with Enterprise Knowledge

    Sponsored by Enterprise Knowledge and Concept Searching. Join Concept Searching and Enterprise Knowledge, LLC for an in-depth look at text analytics in SharePoint or Office 365. Everyone wants to jump on the big data and text analytics bandwagon. But, there are challenges mining unstructured and semi-structured data. Organizations make over 80% decisions using these data assets, and […]

    Reduce Your Taxonomy Deployment Time from Months to Weeks in Conjunction with Wand Inc

    Sponsored by Concept Searching and WAND, Inc. Concept Searching, developer of automatic semantic metadata, auto-classification, and taxonomy management, has teamed with WAND, developer of industry and business function specific foundation taxonomies, to make developing, deploying, and using taxonomies simple. Clients deploying the combined solution will immediately be able to take advantage of Concept Searching’s unique multi-word […]

    Solution Focused Webinars

    These webinars are co-hosted with analysts, customers, or partners. Recorded from 2011 onwards, they explore how our solutions address many issues our clients experience.

  • Drowning in Content? Managing email and file shares is just too hard.  Or is it? In collaboration with RKO Business Solutions

    One of the first steps in managing your enterprise’s content is to identify and classify repositories, in order to know which content is worth keeping. Which emails should be kept and where? How many files on file shares are unmanaged and at risk? RKO and Concept Searching will be sponsoring a webinar on Wednesday, February […]

    Maximizing Productivity and Innovation with Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Architecture In collaboration with PPC

    In today’s business world, employees can collaborate from anywhere, inside or outside the organization. While this new way of work can improve business performance, it can also lead to disruptions and distractions that kill worker productivity. Organizations struggle with how to implement and deploy a collaborative solution to gain the benefits. PPC and Concept Searching […]

    Designing an Information Architecture to Support Cyber Security and Information Assurance In collaboration with PPC

    In the ever-growing virtual environment known as cyberspace, cyber-attacks can result in great damage to individuals, companies, or governments. These attacks can include stealing an organization’s intellectual property, confiscating online bank accounts, creating and distributing viruses on other computers, posting confidential business information on the Internet and disrupting a country’s critical national infrastructure. Sensitive information […]

    Effective Information Governance Results in High Value to Your Organization In collaboration with PPC

    Information governance is emerging as a critical discipline. The overarching enterprise information governance structure allows staff to work in the most efficient and effective way possible, by giving them access to information assets in a controlled and secure manner. A key component is ease of use and transparency. If governance or information management controls are […]

    Empowering SharePoint – Effective Records and Information Lifecycle Management In collaboration with Collabware

    Records Management solutions fail due to a lack of effective management of all content formats, integration with an overall governance plan, and automated document workflow, which can expose organizations to damaging and costly legal and regulatory consequences. SharePoint has become one of the most important repositories of business information for organizations, yet the critical practice […]

    Managing the Term Store and Auto-Classification in SharePoint In collaboration with Collabware

    53% of Organizations Rely on Manual Compliance – Learn How to Automate with SharePoint According to AIIM, 53% of organizations still rely on manual record keeping processes and those that have automated processes won’t achieve an ROI for 6-7 years. How does this impact your organization? Non-compliance with industry and government mandates, data security breaches, […]

    Intelligent SharePoint to Optimize Energy Sector Enterprise Content Management In Collaboration with Stonebridge

    This webinar demonstrated how the combined industry and technical expertise of Stonebridge and Concept Searching offers energy companies an enterprise content management (ECM) framework that addresses information complexity, and effectively increases information transparency, by providing users with the ability to successfully manage content according to enterprise standards. The result is that decision making can be […]

    Getting Knowledge Transfer Right Enterprise Wide Webinar In collaboration with Discovery Machine, Inc.

    Successful artificial intelligence enables organizations to capture the thought process of top performers and deploy it as a virtual coach. Combining artificial intelligence with expert knowledge, metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management delivers great knowledge transfer. In this webinar Discovery Machine and Concept Searching will demonstrate how their combined offering enables enterprises to establish an […]

    Solve Records Management Challenges in Weeks Not Years In collaboration with Collabware

    Learn how one of our clients with 72,000 SharePoint site collections, and 5,300 retention codes has eliminated end user tagging for over 80,000 business users. Join Concept Searching and CEO of Collabware, Graham Sibley and find out how in this informative webinar. Learn how to address Records Management challenges in SharePoint or Office 365. conceptClassifier […]

    Collaboration and Social Networking in SharePoint and Office 365 In collaboration with Protiviti

    Have collaboration and social applications come of age in the enterprise? Many organizations who use collaboration or social networking tools often don’t consider the risks surrounding security, compliance, and legal ramifications. If you are thinking about using these tools, it’s important to understand the goals, objectives, measurements, and ROI. This webinar is co-sponsored by Protiviti, […]

    Change Your Search to Find – SharePoint and Office 365

    Enterprise search, once a hot topic, now faces new challenges with the adoption of hybrid and cloud environments. In SharePoint and Office 365, search isn’t equal and before jumping on the Office 365 band wagon organizations need to know as much as they can about potential challenges and pitfalls. Even in a SharePoint stand-alone environment, […]

    Compliance in Office 365 – What You Should Know

    The same precautions that are taken in an on-premise environment to ensure compliance and information governance are equally important in the cloud. Office 365 / Microsoft Online poses the same challenges as SharePoint on-premise, and organizations need to proactively manage information in the cloud the same way. Many organizations are ignoring this issue simply because […]

    Intelligent Metadata Solution Webcasts

    These short webcasts build on how Concept Searching technologies can be deployed with SharePoint to create intelligent metadata-enabled solutions, which deliver intelligent content, in context, to any application that can utilize metadata.

  • Microsoft SharePoint – Native versus Non-native Solutions

    This webcast enables viewers to obtain an overall understanding of why organizations should be evaluating the reasons to fully leverage the capabilities of an information management system, such as SharePoint 2010, 2013, and Microsoft’s ‘off-premise’ platform Office 365. In addition, the business benefits are discussed, and the question that many decision makers at the executive […]

    conceptClassifier for SharePoint Online and Office 365 Technology Differentiators

    conceptClassifier for Office 365 is currently the only solution available that fully addresses information governance in an Office 365 or hybrid environment. This presentation explains how conceptClassifier for Office 365 interacts with Microsoft’s with Office 365, and provides an understanding of why conceptClassifier for Office 365 addresses key challenges that organizations are evaluating before moving to […]

    Microsoft SharePoint Term Store and Managed Metadata Services

    This webcast looks at how the SharePoint Term Store and Managed Metadata Services deliver advanced foundation capability above and beyond existing tagging solutions. It examines what Concept Searching provides to enable the streamlining of manual SharePoint processes, to drive the full utilization of native SharePoint enterprise capabilities.

    conceptClassifier for SharePoint Differentiators

    This is a product webcast about conceptClassifier for SharePoint, and highlights three important capabilities that set Concept Searching technologies apart from others. It provides advice to organizations that are evaluating integrated taxonomy management solutions for SharePoint.

    Concept Searching’s conceptTaxonomyManager

    In this webcast, using conceptTaxonomyManager, various paths that have been taken by organizations in an effort to create a managed metadata environment are compared and contrasted. These approaches not only increase data transparency and findability, but also enable the implementation of an automated information governance compliance framework for organizations.

    Searching with Metadata versus Searching without Metadata

    This webcast looks at how Concept Searching’s conceptTaxonomyManager, a core component in all platforms can be used to deliver high- precision search results, while at the same time build a managed metadata environment.