Solution Focused Webinars

These webinars are co-hosted with analysts, customers, or partners. Recorded from 2011 onwards, they explore how our solutions address many issues our clients experience.

Compliance in Office 365 – What You Should Know

The same precautions that are taken in an on-premise environment to ensure compliance and information governance are equally important in the cloud. Office 365 / Microsoft Online poses the same challenges as SharePoint on-premise, and organizations need to proactively manage information in the cloud the same way. Many organizations are ignoring this issue simply because […]

Change Your Search to Find – SharePoint and Office 365

Enterprise search, once a hot topic, now faces new challenges with the adoption of hybrid and cloud environments. In SharePoint and Office 365, search isn’t equal and before jumping on the Office 365 band wagon organizations need to know as much as they can about potential challenges and pitfalls. Even in a SharePoint stand-alone environment, […]

Collaboration and Social Networking in SharePoint and Office 365 In collaboration with Protiviti

Have collaboration and social applications come of age in the enterprise? Many organizations who use collaboration or social networking tools often don’t consider the risks surrounding security, compliance, and legal ramifications. If you are thinking about using these tools, it’s important to understand the goals, objectives, measurements, and ROI. This webinar is co-sponsored by Protiviti, […]

Solve Records Management Challenges in Weeks Not Years In collaboration with Collabware

Learn how one of our clients with 72,000 SharePoint site collections, and 5,300 retention codes has eliminated end user tagging for over 80,000 business users. Join Concept Searching and CEO of Collabware, Graham Sibley and find out how in this informative webinar. Learn how to address Records Management challenges in SharePoint or Office 365. conceptClassifier […]

Getting Knowledge Transfer Right Enterprise Wide Webinar In collaboration with Discovery Machine, Inc.

Successful artificial intelligence enables organizations to capture the thought process of top performers and deploy it as a virtual coach. Combining artificial intelligence with expert knowledge, metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management delivers great knowledge transfer. In this webinar Discovery Machine and Concept Searching will demonstrate how their combined offering enables enterprises to establish an […]

Intelligent SharePoint to Optimize Energy Sector Enterprise Content Management In Collaboration with Stonebridge

This webinar demonstrated how the combined industry and technical expertise of Stonebridge and Concept Searching offers energy companies an enterprise content management (ECM) framework that addresses information complexity, and effectively increases information transparency, by providing users with the ability to successfully manage content according to enterprise standards. The result is that decision making can be […]

Managing the Term Store and Auto-Classification in SharePoint In collaboration with Collabware

53% of Organizations Rely on Manual Compliance – Learn How to Automate with SharePoint According to AIIM, 53% of organizations still rely on manual record keeping processes and those that have automated processes won’t achieve an ROI for 6-7 years. How does this impact your organization? Non-compliance with industry and government mandates, data security breaches, […]

Empowering SharePoint – Effective Records and Information Lifecycle Management In collaboration with Collabware

Records Management solutions fail due to a lack of effective management of all content formats, integration with an overall governance plan, and automated document workflow, which can expose organizations to damaging and costly legal and regulatory consequences. SharePoint has become one of the most important repositories of business information for organizations, yet the critical practice […]

Effective Information Governance Results in High Value to Your Organization In collaboration with PPC

Information governance is emerging as a critical discipline. The overarching enterprise information governance structure allows staff to work in the most efficient and effective way possible, by giving them access to information assets in a controlled and secure manner. A key component is ease of use and transparency. If governance or information management controls are […]

Designing an Information Architecture to Support Cyber Security and Information Assurance In collaboration with PPC

In the ever-growing virtual environment known as cyberspace, cyber-attacks can result in great damage to individuals, companies, or governments. These attacks can include stealing an organization’s intellectual property, confiscating online bank accounts, creating and distributing viruses on other computers, posting confidential business information on the Internet and disrupting a country’s critical national infrastructure. Sensitive information […]

Maximizing Productivity and Innovation with Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Architecture In collaboration with PPC

In today’s business world, employees can collaborate from anywhere, inside or outside the organization. While this new way of work can improve business performance, it can also lead to disruptions and distractions that kill worker productivity. Organizations struggle with how to implement and deploy a collaborative solution to gain the benefits. PPC and Concept Searching […]

Drowning in Content? Managing email and file shares is just too hard.  Or is it? In collaboration with RKO Business Solutions

One of the first steps in managing your enterprise’s content is to identify and classify repositories, in order to know which content is worth keeping. Which emails should be kept and where? How many files on file shares are unmanaged and at risk? RKO and Concept Searching will be sponsoring a webinar on Wednesday, February […]