Archived Product Webcasts

SharePoint 2010 ECAL Suite & conceptClassifier for SharePoint

Developed in partnership with the Microsoft Public Sector Federal this 7 minute webcast demonstrates how to leverage the SharePoint 2010 ECAL Suite (specifically Managed Metadata Services, Information Management Policies, and Active Directory-Rights Management Services) and conceptClassifier for SharePoint to deliver real-time data transparency, information access, and automated information management and information rights management policy.

conceptClassifier for SharePoint 2010 – A Comprehensive Approach to Enterprise Metadata Management

SharePoint 2010 provides enterprise metadata management delivered through the term store. Augmenting this functionality, conceptClassifier for SharePoint provides additional capabilities to provide a comprehensive and robust solution. This 12 minute webcast walks you through step-by-step the native integration with the term store, automatic metadata generation, auto-classification, automatic content type updating, and managing the term store through the conceptClassifier for SharePoint taxonomy component.

conceptClassifier for SharePoint 2007 – Driving Business Outcomes

See how conceptClassifier for SharePoint 2007 improves the value of content assets through automatic semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management. This webcast shows the native integration with SharePoint and how the combined solution addresses a variety of business challenges.

conceptClassifier for SharePoint 2007 – Content Type Updating and Workflow

This webcast provides viewers with a demonstration of how Concept Searching leverages organizational metadata and existing SharePoint 2007 deployments to reduce costs associated with data storage, records declaration and preservation, and unplanned data exposure events.

Taxonomy Manager – Overcoming the Challenges in Taxonomy Development and Maintenance

Organizations are increasingly focused on the ability to leverage their information repositories as strategic assets. This webcast illustrates how organizations can use Concept Searching’s easy-to-use and powerful Taxonomy Manager to intuitively create, deploy, and manage their controlled vocabularies and metadata environments.

Auto-Classification in Microsoft Office – Eliminating End User Tagging

This webcast illustrates on-the-fly classification from Microsoft Office applications and the options provided to authorized users to change or modify the classifications. Eliminating end user tagging auto-classification improves data transparency, ensures compliance with records management policies, and enforces data privacy and security throughout the organization.

What Is Compound Term Processing?

Compound Term Processing is Concept Searching’s core technology that automatically generates meaningful multi-word patterns using statistical techniques that works in any language, any vocabulary, regardless of grammatical style. This webcast illustrates the power of the technology to significantly improve findability using any search engine and help users easily find relevant information that may not have been found.

Microsoft Webcasts

Academy Live Podcast taxonomyWorkflow

Concept Searching is focused in a Microsoft Snackbite, with John Challis, CTO of Concept Searching talking about conceptTaxonomyWorkflow.  The Snackbite can be accessed here.

conceptClassifier for SharePoint 2010

Recently John Wiese, ISV Architect Evangelist, sat down with John Challis, CEO of Concept Searching, via Live Meeting. During their discussion John & John talk about Concept Searching’s SharePoint 2010 product, migrating from 2007 and taking advantage of new SharePoint 2010 features. John Challis also gives us a short demo of conceptClassifier for SharePoint 2010.

conceptClassifier for SharePoint is the only SharePoint solution that delivers automatic identification and extraction of concepts from within content as it is created or ingested, provides intelligent automated classification and enables enterprise class taxonomy management running natively within the SharePoint 2007 and 2010 environment. As a technology platform conceptClassifier for SharePoint is rapidly deployed and easily managed. The discussion can be viewed here.

Customer Webcasts

“Aligning Enterprise Information Governance & Content”

Presented at KMWorld 2012 Keynote Address

Presented at KMWorld 2012 as a follow on to “Leveraging Organizational Knowledge” and “KM Driven Collaboration” the Air Force Medical Service delivered “Aligning Enterprise Information Governance & Content” as the final of its three part series on how it has been using metadata since 2005 as a driving force to operationalize various aspects of it Knowledge, Information, and Records Management programs.

US Air Force Medical Service – Case Study

This webcast demonstrates how a unit within the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) is using Concept Searching in a collaboration environment to deliver automatic metadata tagging of Records Retention Codes, security metadata, and semantic metadata to enable compliance with Records Management and Data Privacy and Security compliance in a SharePoint environment. To access the webcast, click here.

InterSymp 2008 – 20th International Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics

This presentation was delivered at the Intelligent Software and Tools Focus Symposium in Baden-Baden, Germany in partnership with the International Institute for Advanced Studies. This presentation demonstrates how the Air Force Medical Service uses automatic metadata tagging, taxonomy management, and auto-classification of information in an enterprise environment. Watch the presentation.

KMWorld Webinar

Making The Most Of Your SharePoint Investment

This webinar is available on demand. Andy Moore, Publisher of KMWorld, Concept Searching, EMC, HP, and Metastorm participated in this fast paced, information rich roundtable webinar. Topics covered included new features and functionality in recent years that have contributed greatly to the SharePoint platform. But it’s not only about technology. SharePoint has enormous potential to bring business value to any organization. Watch the webcast.


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