Partner Focused Solution Webinars

These webinars are created in conjunction with some of our key partners, and focus on solving specific use issues often found within our client base

Reduce Your Taxonomy Deployment Time from Months to Weeks in Conjunction with Wand Inc

Sponsored by Concept Searching and WAND, Inc. Concept Searching, developer of automatic semantic metadata, auto-classification, and taxonomy management, has teamed with WAND, developer of industry and business function specific foundation taxonomies, to make developing, deploying, and using taxonomies simple. Clients deploying the combined solution will immediately be able to take advantage of Concept Searching’s unique multi-word […]

Text Analytics in SharePoint or Office 365 Webinar in Conjunction with Enterprise Knowledge

Sponsored by Enterprise Knowledge and Concept Searching. Join Concept Searching and Enterprise Knowledge, LLC for an in-depth look at text analytics in SharePoint or Office 365. Everyone wants to jump on the big data and text analytics bandwagon. But, there are challenges mining unstructured and semi-structured data. Organizations make over 80% decisions using these data assets, and […]

SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive for Business Integrated Information Governance Solutions in Conjunction with Avanade and FEDSBUG

Sponsored by Concept Searching, Avanade, and FEDSPUG. Concept Searching, currently the only vendor providing natively integrated enterprise wide information governance solutions for SharePoint on-premises, Office 365, and OneDrive for Business co-hosted this webinar with Avanade. Mack Sigman, FEDSPUG (Federal and DoD SharePoint Users Group) Chairman is the guest speaker. FEDSPUG is a community for the Federal Government […]

Data Breaches and Security Rights in SharePoint Webinar in Conjunction with CipherPoint

Sponsored by Concept Searching and CipherPoint. 70% of all security breaches are due to an organization’s own staff.  Find out  how not to become a statistic. Security is increasingly becoming a significant challenge, regarding how unstructured and semi-structured content is protected, and also the security rights of the individuals within the organization that need to be […]

Climbing the Slippery Slope of SharePoint Migrations in Conjunction with Portal Solutions

“A survey of corporate CIOs and general counsels found that, typically, 69% of the data most organizations keep can – and should – be deleted.” Compliance, Governance and Oversight Counsel (CGOC) Summit Sponsored by Portal Solutions and Concept Searching. So what happens to the 69%? Most likely it will get migrated with no rhyme or […]

Reduce Cost, Time, and Risk – eDiscovery and Records Management in SharePoint Webinar in Conjunction with C/D/H

Sponsored by Concept Searching and C/D/H. No organization wants to deal with litigation. eDiscovery is expensive, time consuming and risky. What are the costs? Add them up. Litigation support vendors $75K – $180K; document reviewers $80K to $180K; document review – one gigabyte takes 12.5 days; junk cull $75K to $180K; and the costs continue […]

84% of Migration Projects Fail – Getting it Right in SharePoint in Conjunction with Portal Solutions

Sponsored by Concept Searching and Portal Solutions. Migration of unstructured content can be a laborious and time consuming project. Many documents can exist in multiple places at the same time, different revisions of the same document can exist, some documents should be deleted and others should be archived. Documents can reside on file shares, older […]

How to Get Enterprise Search Right Webinar in Conjunction with COMPU-DATA International

Sponsored by Concept Searching and COMPU-DATA International, LLC. Organizations are beginning to recognize that search is not a stand-alone technology or application, but must be integrated with business processes and corporate objectives as a key infrastructure component. Why? Providing enriched metadata to the search engine index significantly improves search applications, eDiscovery, FOIA requests, and collaboration. […]

Best Practices for Architecting Taxonomy and Metadata in an Open Source Environment in Conjunction with Enterprise Knowledge

Sponsored by Concept Searching and Enterprise Knowledge. In this webinar Zach Wahl, President and CEO at Enterprise Knowledge, and Concept Searching discuss factors and best practices for integrating third party solutions into open source environments. Open source solutions are now mainstream and being evaluated by organizations of all sizes and all industries. Some of the […]