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These short recordings focus on the Concept Searching platforms, products, and utilities, and offer an understanding of both the business and technical approaches that must be understood in order to fully leverage metadata, in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments. Focused primarily on SharePoint and Office 365, they explore how the platforms can be deployed in any heterogeneous environment, and integrated using extensible, published APIs.

 Demos On Demand are designed to be short, informal, and focus on basic product functionality. We hope you find them insightful.

Concept Searching
conceptclassifier platform 2 - conceptClassifier Platform

conceptClassifier Platform

Analyze Content Agnostically across SharePoint, Exchange, File Shares, and More with the conceptClassifier Platform The demo explores the core technology of the conceptClassifier platform, examining the collection and search index, leading to the agnostic, auto-classification of content for intelligent search, records management, identification and protection of privacy data, migration, text analytics, and eDiscovery.

optimize content with conceptcla - conceptClassifier for File Shares

conceptClassifier for File Shares

Clean Up, Organize, and Optimize Content with conceptClassifier for File Shares This demo shows how to effectively clean up, optimize, and organize your file share content, to reduce the cost of content ownership. The conceptClassifier for File Shares application makes file shares discoverable, searchable, optimized, and organized. It automatically tags and classifies documents to a […]

concepttaxonomymanager - conceptTaxonomyManager


Auto-classification takes a burden off of IT and end users. But what and where is the content being classified? Then what happens? conceptTaxonomyManager was designed for Subject Matter Experts and has many features that remain unique in the industry. This Demo on Demand illustrates the features of the taxonomy component. If you don’t quite understand taxonomies […]

conceptclassifier for onedrive f - conceptClassifier for OneDrive for Business

conceptClassifier for OneDrive for Business

This short demonstration shows how Concept Searching can automatically apply metadata, classify, apply policies and take action on content residing in OneDrive for Business. The solution integrates with the conceptClassifier for SharePoint and  conceptClassifier for Office 365 platforms and is an important component for any enterprise looking to roll out OneDrive for Business and maintain […]

conceptsearch - conceptSearch


This webinar explains how to get the most out of conceptSearch, with its innovative technology delivering both high precision and high recall, by weighting compound terms or multi-word phrases. This is particularly important for organizations that need sophisticated search and retrieval solutions. It explores compound term extraction, relevance rankings, automatically generated related topics,faceted navigation, and […]

concepttaxonomyworkflow - conceptTaxonomyWorkflow


Using conceptTaxonomyWorkflow, this webinar discusses how to use intelligent metadata to drive document migration from file shares to SharePoint, or from SharePoint to SharePoint. It covers setting up rules, automating the classification process, identification and tagging., metadata driven actions, moving content to an appropriate repository for storage and preservation, and automatic intelligent content routing. Access […]

solving term store problems usin - Solving Term Store Problems using conceptTermStoreManager

Solving Term Store Problems using conceptTermStoreManager

conceptTermStoreManager is a SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online utility that provides native integration with the SharePoint Term Store and the Managed Metadata Service application, where changes in the Term Store can easily be synchronized between SharePoint farms. The solution overcomes and solves the limitations of the SharePoint Term Store to effectively manage term sets across […]

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