Release 5.4.6 of conceptClassifier Platform Enhances Taxonomy Workflow and Management

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Release 5.4.6 of conceptClassifier Platform Enhances Taxonomy Workflow and Management

Concept Searching announces availability of Release 5.4.6 of its flagship conceptClassifier platform. Highlights include new and improved interfaces for taxonomy and workflow management in the conceptTaxonomyManager and conceptTaxonomyWorkflow components, as well as advanced reporting features.

Concept Searching has always focused on adding functionality to help taxonomy administrators and subject-matter experts to get the most out of their content, by providing easy-to-use features that capture the nuances and meaning within it.

The Release focuses on improving the end user experience, through new interfaces and advanced reporting, to more readily provide a holistic view of content, regardless of where it resides. In turn, clients gain deep insight into their unstructured data, to drive positive business outcomes.

Unlike traditional tools, conceptTaxonomyManager is highly interactive and provides real-time validation of changes made to taxonomies. These features are still unique, and this Release provides additional user experience options, such as shortcut actions, contextual help, clue filtering, and rule duplication expedition.

New functionality has also been added to conceptTaxonomyWorkflow, an optional component that can perform an action on a document, following a classification decision when specific criteria are met. This enables decision making that enhances organizational performance and drives down costs, but more importantly enforces corporate and legal compliance guidelines.

Other core improvements available in this Release include extending optical character recognition (OCR) support, to enrich the classification engine with new rule types and increase file and web crawling performance.

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