Reduced Risk by Making Better Decisions in Upstream Oil and Gas Market

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Reduced Risk by Making Better Decisions in Upstream Oil and Gas Market

Powerful Search Solution for 5,000 Research Personnel, Saving Millions in Drilling Projects

This multi-national oil and gas company wanted to provide geophysicists with accurate data for research and analysis.

The objective was to improve geological decision making, through the ability to identify accurate, relevant, and related content from a large corpus of highly technical and specialized information.

The organization deployed the conceptClassifier for SharePoint platform for all upstream technical functions, to provide the underlying semantic and geo-tagging framework to improve search.

This resulted in 50 integrated technical and geospatial taxonomies, and accurate and timely information for 5,000 geophysicists globally.

Successfully in production for over four years, the solution is used for research and development, so retains and repurposes knowledge, while also significantly reducing drilling and exploration costs.

The company also launched an information governance and compliance application, to track contract claimants of a significant oil spill. The application was used to support the complex financial claims process, and relied on a large number of datasets.

Adjusters needed a way to understand whether claimants had been compensated by an earlier claims program or had received income. Content analytics provided a consolidated search capability across claims data and the financial spend data warehouse, delivering geographic-based reports.

Using the conceptClassifier platform enabled access to the data of more than a dozen claims programs used over five years. Content analytics was used to intersect operations and environmental data with the claims data, to confirm the economic impact caused by the spill and to check the validity of each claim.

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