Records Management and SharePoint – The Secret Weapon

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Records Management and SharePoint – The Secret Weapon

Most, if not all, of our customers in the Federal Sector are using SharePoint. In any organizations that use SharePoint, documents are often placed in the wrong location, have inappropriate metadata applied, and lack measures to control access and rights management for individual data assets.

Content types in SharePoint enable organizations to take advantage of the workflow capabilities that can enhance organizational performance while driving down costs. The only obstacle with content type applications is that individuals have to decide which content type applies to every document ingested by SharePoint. For organizations with large content repositories this is no trivial matter.

Regulatory guidelines associated with records management, information security, and e-Discovery drive the requirement for workflow. Organizations without automated processes that enable records declaration, data transparency, and information security find themselves at increased organizational risk when it comes to storing, preserving, securing, controlling, and exposing information.

In SharePoint, semantic, records retention, and security metadata contained in the Term Store has to be applied to every data asset in order to ensure data transparency, records declaration, and to control access and apply digital rights management. Leveraging conceptClassifier for SharePoint organizations are able to automatically apply semantic, records retention, and security metadata.

This is accomplished by creating a taxonomy that mirrors the records file plan and organizationally defined descriptors. Uploaded documents are automatically tagged and if the metadata is associated with a specific Content Type, the Content Type is changed and record retention codes are applied for automatic migration to the Records Management System.

Find out more about our conceptTaxonomyWorkflow and our Records Management solutions.

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