Records Management and Cybersecurity – Is This a Match Made in Heaven?

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Records Management

Records Management and Cybersecurity – Is This a Match Made in Heaven?

I just read an article about information governance and security, and I didn’t agree with most of it so I won’t share the link. My colleagues have been presenting on records management at several events recently, so this subject is on my mind. However, the author of the article I read included a quote from Don Lueders, which I found intriguing.

“So-called ‘data breaches’ are thefts of information and, as such, they are first and foremost a traditional records management problem. Until organizations understand this and include records management as a critical component of their long-term cybersecurity strategy, data breaches – and the disastrous consequences they bring – will continue unabated.”

It is definitely food for thought. I need to think about it a bit more, but I tend to agree with Mr. Lueders. Now, I am curious to know whether your organization includes the records management folks in cybersecurity?

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