Why Use Add-ins with SharePoint and SharePoint Online?

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Find out why add-ins are becoming the default choice for software development, and Microsoft is encouraging its partners to develop add-ins to improve the ecosystem of applications, specifically for Office 365. Managing unstructured and semi-structured content has always been a challenge and has increased in complexity in both standalone and hybrid environments.

Concept Searching’s SharePoint platforms are now available as add-ins, providing significant advantages to existing and future customers. This educational and technical webinar will enable attendees to gain an in-depth understanding of add-ins and learn why SharePoint organizations should seriously evaluate them.

Along with a demo of the conceptClassifier for SharePoint Add-in, areas to be explored include:
• What types of add-in are available
• Why the increasing trend for add-ins
• What are the characteristics of add-ins
• How this development approach improves technical and business processes
• When the use of an add-in should be considered rather than a SharePoint application
• The justification for this type of approach, and the potential benefits

Concept Searching’s conceptClassifier platforms remain the most innovative technologies in the industry to manage unstructured and semi-structured content. The marketplace is now just beginning to understand that poor metadata impacts a wide range of business applications, eventually affecting profitability, increasing risk, and decreasing competitive advantage.

This webinar has been designed for SharePoint Architects and Administrators, Office 365 and One Drive for Business and Technical Administrators, SharePoint and SharePoint Online Developers, Office 365 Administrators, and Office 365 Developers.

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Concept Searching