Guarantee a Return on Your SharePoint Investment

In this webinar, which is the first in a series on Guaranteeing a  Return on Investment (ROI) from SharePoint, Black Blade Associates and Concept Searching discussed the unique nature of achieving ROI with SharePoint, and help you define how you would demonstrably prove that value.

As organizations continue to invest in improving their information management, SharePoint has become a leading platform for achieving those improvements. However, many have found that SharePoint can be more complex and costly, and introduce problems that they didn’t even know existed.

We will explore the entire content management lifecycle, the fiscal and technological perspectives that are needed to truly achieve ROI for SharePoint, and its associated costs. We will show the pieces of the platform that are lacking, and how they contribute to a net gain of cost rather than savings, chiefly information identification and policy enforcement.

What you will learn about during this session:
• How to achieve ROI with a platform rather than a product
• The content management lifecycle, and its missing pieces in the SharePoint platform
• The critical nature of information retrieval and identification
• How your information polices should be defined
• How compliance, both internal and external, is the real end game for improving information management
• The most common reason that information management solutions fail, and how to avoid it
• An overview of the next webinar in this series, on ROI from ‘Intelligent Migration’

Bradley Smith, President and CEO at Black Blade Associates
Ken Lemons, DoD Business Development Manager at Concept Searching
John Challis, Founder and CEO at Concept Searching

To view the recording, please click here. To view the handout, please click here.

Concept Searching
Concept Searching