conceptTermStoreManager – The Native SharePoint Utility to Manage Term Sets

This is a recorded webinar. Please access the video by clicking here and the slide presentation by clicking here.

conceptTermStoreManager is a new SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online utility that provides native integration with the SharePoint Term Store and the Managed Metadata Service application, where changes in the Term Store can easily be synchronized between SharePoint farms.

The solution was developed to overcome and solve the limitations of the SharePoint Term Store to effectively manage term sets across SharePoint farms and SharePoint Online. conceptTermStoreManager works with SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, and will be available in SharePoint 2016.

This webinar will be of value to any SharePoint organization that is starting to use or currently uses the Managed Metadata Service application, and would like to resolve issues that occur when trying to manage term sets across multiple farms and environments. The webinar is focused on the technical aspects of the utility and will contain an in-depth demonstration, exploring what conceptTermStoreManager offers:

• Direct synchronization of term sets between two environments
• Synchronization between disconnected environments via an export/import process
• Synchronization from SharePoint 2013 to Office 365
• Backup and restore of term sets using XML files
• Support for Office 365 and SharePoint Online
• Support for all SharePoint 2013 Term Store facilities
• Preservation of term GUIDs when updating existing term sets
• Identical on-premises and Office 365 Term Stores for hybrid customers
• Advanced merge options

This webinar has been designed for SharePoint Architects and Administrators, Office 365 and OneDrive for Business and Technical Administrators, SharePoint and SharePoint Online Developers, Term Store Professionals and Administrators, and Office 365 Developers.

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