Intelligent Metadata Enabled Migration with SharePoint

Join InfoStrata Solutions and Concept Searching for this highly relevant webinar on migration approaches in SharePoint. With the increase in unstructured information, organizations are looking for new ways to not only improve their search and retrieval process, but also manage and leverage their information assets to improve performance when migrating information.

In this webinar InfoStrata Solutions and Concept Searching discussed strategies for analyzing your existing information, to categorize and prioritize your assets prior to migrating to SharePoint. The webinar explored how to leverage the Term Store in different ways to manage content, and how migration and storage costs can be reduced by de-duplicating, removing, or archiving obsolete content.

What you will take away from this session:
• Understand the migration process, to ensure important content is not lost
• Learn how Concept Searching’s Smart Content Framework™ can provide a new way to undertake bulk migrations
• Learn strengths and weaknesses of the information management capabilities of SharePoint 2010 and 2013
• Best practices on managing content with the Term Store
• The difference between a proprietary taxonomy solution and a fully integrated Term Store solution
• Intuitive and unique features in conceptTaxonomyManager that integrate with the SharePoint Term Store, leveraging metadata to drive business value

Mark Adams, Director at InfoStrata Solutions
Paul Billingham, Sales Director of Europe at Concept Searching
John Challis, Founder and CTO at Concept Searching

To access the recording click here. To access the presentation, click here.


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Concept Searching