Intelligent Compliance to Optimize Energy Sector Enterprise Content Management Webinar

Across the energy sector, the changing economic climate, more stringent regulatory requirements, and environmental issues are challenges organizations must address in order to manage their content, to ensure compliance, reduce organizational risk, and increase preparedness for improving corporate performance.

For today’s oil and gas, electric power, nuclear, and renewable energy companies, these challenges have the same fundamental requirement: improved utilization of enterprise information. Maximizing enterprise intellectual capital means that these knowledge assets must be able to be found and, more importantly, be relevant.

In this webinar, the second in a series, Stonebridge and Concept Searching demonstrated how their combined industry and technical expertise helps energy companies extend SharePoint’s native enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities with the knowledge management tools that deliver optimal business outcomes for enterprises in the energy industry, improving management of data throughout the life of the asset, using “Intelligent Compliance”.

What you will learn about during this session:

We will explore how SharePoint can be enhanced to establish an ECM framework that ensures the availability, usability, integrity, and security of an enterprise’s information, and enables information consumers to:

  • Find trusted and relevant information regarding health and safety, asset maintenance, and compliance guidelines such as OSHA, for key information for decision making
  • Ensure accurate records management, regulatory compliance, and improve eDiscovery, and litigation support processes
  • Identify and secure potential confidential or sensitive information exposures
  • Rapidly address unexpected failures in processes, such as pipeline leaks or natural disasters
  • Enable multinational content asset protection and authorization to assets
  • Automate application and enforcement of policies
  • Quickly react to deploy project-based hybrid cloud and on-premise collaborative solutions
  • Benefit from industry-specific use cases:
    • Applying consistent corporate policies for document destruction and content life cycle management for a leading pipeline company
    • Using workflows to automate records management and information security for one of the leading diversified natural gas companies


Adam Hutchinson, Vice President of Oil and Gas Solutions at Stonebridge
Robert Lovelace, Director of Well and Pipeline Lifecycle Management Consulting at Stonebridge
Don Miller, Vice President of Sales at Concept Searching

To access the recording please click here. To download the slide presentation, please click here.

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