How Can We Help? Solving the Challenge of Managing Unstructured Content

Part of our job at Stonebridge is to identify technologies that help you do your job better. Because of our expertise in ECM and the oil and gas industry, we have partnered with Concept Searching, and are hosting a webinar to introduce our clients to Concept Searching’s innovative technologies, that can help solve specific unstructured content challenges in your organization. Join us for this webinar to learn how technology from Concept Searching will complement the Stonebridge Portal & ECM Practice’s leadership in developing search-driven ECM applications on the SharePoint platform.

What you will take away from this webinar:
• What makes up the Concept Searching Smart Content Framework™,  which is an infrastructure framework to mitigate risk, automate processes, manage information, protect privacy, and address compliance issues.
• How to eliminate manual metadata tagging and why automatic conceptual metadata generation builds a consistent enterprise framework and end user experience.
• Lessons learned from companies in the energy sector who have successfully deployed the technologies in SharePoint 2010.
• How some of the largest enterprises are using SharePoint content types and automating the tagging and workflow of content aligned to business processes and corporate governance.
• How the unique features in conceptClassifier for SharePoint integrate with the SharePoint Term Store and drive the governance model in areas such as records management PII, PHI and PCI.
• Migration solutions from SharePoint 2007-2013, and how Concept Searching technologies are SharePoint 2013 and cloud ready.

Click here to view the webinar and click here to view the slide deck.


Concept Searching
Concept Searching