Drowning in Content? Managing email and file shares is just too hard. Or is it?

One of the first steps in managing your enterprise’s content is to identify and classify repositories, in order to know which content is worth keeping. Which emails should be kept and where? How many files on file shares are unmanaged and at risk?

Organizations have important information contained in emails and files, which is often lost, or simply cannot be found when it’s needed. Most don’t address the issue, thinking it’s too hard to do. But in reality it’s not.

Join the joint RKO and Concept Searching webinar to learn:

• How to avoid moving your content debris from one place to another
• What classification is and how to do it
• Which tools make auto-classification easy
• How to deal with sheer volume of content
• How to manage content in either a SharePoint or non-SharePoint environment
• How to effectively manage your records and mitigate your organization’s risk

Rob DuMont, ECM Archiving and Indexing Specialist, at RKO Business Solutions
Don Miller, Vice President

Click here to view the webinar and click here to view the slide deck.


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