Concept Searching and Enterprise Knowledge Webinar on Text Analytics in SharePoint or Office 365

The guest speaker is Joe Hilger, Principal of Enterprise Knowledge, LLC. Mr. Hilger has over 20 years of consulting experience, and for the past 12 years his focus has been implementing enterprise-scale content, search and data analytics solutions that have successfully delivered significant value for his clients. Mr. Hilger has worked with a wide variety of public and commercial clients to design and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions, enhancing competitiveness, increasing revenues, and improving customer service.

The webinar will discuss the challenges, faced by many organizations, of successfully using text analytics and gaining knowledge based on patterns in unstructured and semi-structured data assets. Expert speakers will explore the subject of text analytics from both a data cleansing and content identification perspective, and will include best practices.

What attendees will take away:

  • Explore why text analytics – or analysis of unstructured and semi-structured content – does not fit the definition of big data and why a different approach is needed
  • Understand the challenges of text analytics, and why these make it hard to achieve success
  • The steps that need to be taken to reduce the effort, time, and storage required for text analytics
  • Using Concept Searching technologies, see how data can identify specific concepts and descriptors, and also cleanse data to eliminate obsolete content
  • Ensure compliance during the text analytics process, through automatic declaration of records that have never been declared, as well as identification of confidential or private information that should be excluded from the text analytics process
  • See why a 360 degree view of content from diverse applications and repositories, including blogs, wikis, and Twitter, can deliver more accurate and finite results
  • Learn why, and see how, a text analytics approach can be rapidly implemented and changed to accommodate new or different parameters
  • Hear real-life client case studies from Enterprise Knowledge and Concept Searching

Who should attend: Business Process Owners from Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, and IT Professionals involved in executing text analytics projects


Concept Searching
Concept Searching