Compliance, Security, Migration, System Management – All Fixed by Microsoft? Not so fast.

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Microsoft has been fast and furious with its announcements of new and improved Office 365 products and features. Compliance, security, migration, and systems management can represent serious business challenges, regardless of whether you have SharePoint on-premises, Office 365, or a hybrid environment. Are you going to wait for Microsoft to address the impact on your organization when one or more of your core compliance, security, migration, or system management applications fail? Why wait, fix them now.

Concept Searching is still the only vendor that can generate semantic metadata, auto-classify content, and provide integrated taxonomy management tools with the Term Store, and offers stand-alone taxonomy management solutions. To capture meaningful metadata as content is created or ingested has always been a challenge with SharePoint. Now with Delve, OneDrive for Business, and a more complicated hybrid environment, metadata is still the key component to improve applications.

Without meaningful metadata, applications are severely limited and organizations increase the risk of non-compliance, data breaches, and poor migration, resulting in missed opportunities for content management and building an enterprise metadata repository. With Concept Searching technologies, improvements are immediately visible and any application that requires the use of metadata benefits, such as search, automated declaration of documents of record, Delve, OneDrive for Business, collaboration, business social, eDiscovery, and litigation support. This set of technologies solves a wide range of challenges, reducing administration overhead, and the time required to improve applications separately.

Metalogix is the premier provider of management software to move, manage and secure content for Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Exchange, Box, Dropbox, Amazon, Google and other enterprise content management systems. Over 20,000 clients rely on Metalogix and the industry’s highest rated support to enhance the use, performance and security of content collaboration in the cloud, on-premises, and in hybrid environments. Metalogix is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud, Collaboration and Content, and Application Development, an EMC Select Partner, and a GSA provider.

Audience: SharePoint Architects and Administrators, Office 365 and One Drive for Business Administrators, and Compliance, Legal, Security, Records Managers, and Information Governance Professionals

Concept Searching
Concept Searching