Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions for Research and Intelligence within the Public Sector

Informed decision making relies on having the most up-to-date information, accurate information, and a historical view of past performance. Without trusted data, increased organizational risk and unmet expectations become the norm instead of the exception.

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Research and Intelligence within the Public Sector

Sound decisions are made daily and typically based on past performance or expertise. When decisions need to be made using historical data it is assumed the information can be trusted. Depending on how the metadata was created or if the metadata is available, it may not be reliable. Organizations need to utilize and access relevant and current content when needed, and at source eliminating the need for secondary applications and in-house expertise. Concept Searching provides a holistic approach improving and streamlining information retrieval, reducing costs and risk.

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    Concept Based Searching


    Automatic Metadata Generation


    Content Management

    Accurate information should be available at any time. Multiple revisions of the same document, information of no value, or just a missing piece of information can derail the decision making process or can lead to making a decision on information that is wrong or of no value. From research to intelligence the ability to retrieve information based on the content within the documents results in decision making that can be trusted.

  • Concept Searching


    Do your search results contain the information you are seeking?


    Are you confident you are making decisions on the most accurate information?


    Is compiling information for a project or a decision taking too long?

    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    Concept Searching retrieves highly relevant documents during a search based on the verbiage from within content. This automatically generated metadata consists of multi-word terms that form a concept. It will also identify related documents even if the exact search criteria is not a match. Concept based searching is available to all users as well as navigational aids to assist the end user in finding precise information based on the taxonomy hierarchy. Taxonomies can be created in minutes with the automatically generated metadata available to be used as terms in the taxonomy.  The resulting information can be routed automatically based upon a classification decision to individuals based upon role or user profile for action to be taken.

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    • Automatic generation of intelligent metadata at source improving information transparency
    • Real-time generation ability to index classify and route content based upon user profile and role
    • Enables action to be taken on data in improving decision making in support of the agency or mission.
    • Designed for the Subject Matter Expert, taxonomy tools are interactive and understandable to business users for set-up and refinement
    • Improves the quality of content through elimination of end user tagging
    • Enables concept based searching and navigational aids based on the taxonomy
    Concept Searching