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  • State and Local Government

    The State and Local Government sector creates and retains information ranging from demographic, economic, financial, and historical documents. They must manage their organization internally, but increasingly have more demands to expedite transaction and information dissemination to their citizens and other stakeholders. Knowledge is a source of advantage in the information economy and in expediting and automating processes to meet objectives. It must be captured, secured, re-used, and made accessible to diverse audiences typically on demand.

  • The Concept Searching Difference



    Secure collaboration, internally and externally


    Automatically enforces compliance through intelligent metadata


    Protects and secures confidential and privacy data


    Improves search outcomes and delivers a true hybrid search experience


    Enables effective records management

    All State and Local organizations are in part unique, but certain cross industry requirements, such as improving search, collaboration, records management, and data privacy, are all shared across local, regional, state, and federal levels. There is an increasing need to provide more information transparency to citizens and other stakeholders. Concept Searching provides a unique solution that addresses many of the challenges and concerns these organizations are trying to overcome.

  • Concept Searching


    Is it a concern that data privacy or confidential information may be exposed?


    Can you effectively comply with records mandates?


    Do end users complain they can’t find information and re-create content, act on the wrong information, or abandon the effort?


    Can you address FOIA and do you worry about noncompliance?


    Can citizens and other stakeholders quickly find the information they need from your external portal?
    Key Features

    Key Features

    Concept Searching addresses many of the challenges facing government entities. Knowledge workers can effectively query, use, and re-use content improving the speed and efficiency of operations and protecting the organization from security breaches and noncompliance.

    Technology Benefits
    • Eliminates manual tagging, easy-to-use, designed for the Subject Matter Expert, not IT
    • Small footprint on hardware resources
    • Ability to share and exchange data efficiently and securely
    • Ability to satisfy citizen and stakeholder requests on-demand and speed FOIA requests
    • Ensures information stored in the cloud, or on-premises does not contain any data privacy or confidential assets
    • Provides intelligent migration capabilities
    • Integrates content from diverse internal and external repositories
    • Significantly reduces time, resources, and costs to develop and manage a taxonomy
    • Enables effective records management and compliance with records mandates
    • Protects the organization by identifying unknown privacy or confidential content that would lead to a data breach
    • Automatically identifies documents of record and routes to the records application
    • Increases accessibility and transparency of content under management
    • Improves compliance and enable the rapid implementation of new compliance requirements
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    Eliminates inconsistent tagging and different publishing conventions across multiple content stores, providing access to content from internal and external sources. One set of technologies can address search, records management, migration, data security, data cleansing, and text analytics.

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