Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions for Market Research within the Public Sector

Expensive, ineffective, and time consuming – agencies are severely hampered by the technology tools used for market research, and are noncompliant. Until Now.

Market Research

Market research, for most agencies, is a frustrating activity. Using traditional search processes and accessing multiple repositories is time consuming and error-prone. Concept Searching and partner Goldschmitt and Associates bring a wealth of experience and innovative technology to address market research issues.

Using Concept Searching’s unique compound term processing, manual tagging of documents is eliminated, and rich, multi-term metadata is automatically generated and auto-classified to taxonomies. Goldschmitt and Associates’ expertise working with federal agencies delivers a solution that meets the challenges of market research, and ensures compliance.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Ensure compliance with federal mandates


    Reduce vendor selection costs


    Reduce vendor selection time

    For federal agencies, market research is not an option but is mandated throughout the acquisition lifecycle. Yet, it is typically characterized by manual processes that negatively impact the ultimate objectives.

    Agency expertise becomes overshadowed by inadequate technologies and lack of time, resulting in poor quality results, reduced productivity, risk, and noncompliance. Costs escalate and poor decision making becomes the norm. Concept Searching technologies resolve these issues.

  • Concept Searching

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    Are you concerned about noncompliance?

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    Do you believe you are not always making the right vendor choices?

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    Is your staff overworked due to poor technology?

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    Can you objectively score and weight capabilities of small businesses?
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    Concept Searching is the industry leader specializing in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management.

    The conceptClassifier Platform automatically identifies, tags and classifies organizations capability, compatibility, and risk factors, giving those undertaking market research X-ray vision, resulting in a shortlist of procurement-ready companies.

    Replacing “search” with “find” means days or weeks are saved, market research costs are dramatically reduced, and traceability and auditability protect against costly and time consuming contract protests.

    Not only can it address market research, but is currently used by government entities to enable concept-based searching, records management, elimination of data breaches, intelligent migration, FOIA, eDiscovery and litigation support, enterprise content management, forensic analysis, inter-agency information exchange, ITAR compliance, knowledge management, research and intelligence, secure collaboration, and text mining and analytics.

    • Ensure compliance with federal mandates
    • Significantly reduce the time spent on the selection of vendors, market research, and analytics
    • Reduce wasted investment and operational cost
    • Increase flexibility and mitigate risk, to support changing agency needs
    • Eliminate duplication of effort when individuals or teams work in silos, unaware of similar or related initiatives
    • Objective analysis to score and weight capable small businesses, resulting in improved decision making
    • Traceability and auditability protects against costly and time consuming contract protests
    Concept Searching