Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions for Inter-Agency Information Exchange within the Public Sector

Collaboration results in benefits to all involved, but there are still security implications in the type of information you share.

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Inter-Agency Information Exchange within the Public Sector

Inter-agency information exchange is a valid communication vehicle that brings multiple stakeholders together to contribute to a shared goal. Within the government, access to secure information must still be a priority. Although collaboration is valuable, others may not place the same value on information as your agency. Confidential information or intellectual property must be protected from exposure. Addressing the security of content assets in a collaboration scenario significantly reduces risk for all stakeholders.

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    Security at the content level


    Definable by user


    Easily managed

    Security is most often concentrated on the perimeter. But most breaches are caused internally. When adding a third party, such as sharing information with another agency, or stakeholder, the same security on your internal content assets has to be applied to the third party. Once you have unintentionally shared secure information, it can be used in ways you never intended. You have no recourse. Concept Searching will identify confidential information from within content, so you will know exactly what to protect and what information can be exchanged. It can be one word or multiple phrases that represent a complicated topic. Gain the benefits of sharing knowledge assets and be confident secure information is protected.

  • Concept Searching


    Are you concerned about sharing confidential or departmental restricted information with unauthorized users?


    Do you worry about confidential information being erroneously shared causing the same repercussions as if it was breached within your agency?


    How would you handle a breach in confidential information with a collaboration stakeholder?


    Do you have a need to provide different access levels to individual stakeholders cross agency when sharing information?
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    Concept Searching can provide secure access at the content level to stakeholders, including inter agency, based on your assignment of access. The access is controlled from the concepts found within content. Although it can be based on the document level, it can also be based on the content within the document. If privacy or confidential information is found within a document, you can apply security to specific individuals who do not have the authority to view the material.

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    • Ability to find concepts, topics, and subjects within content that should be secured from specific roles or individuals
    • Real-time identification as content is created, ingested, faxed, located in email attachments, or scanned
    • Easily defined taxonomies, auto-classification, and generation of multi-term metadata is highly flexible and rapidly deployed, enabling secure authorized user access
    • Using simple business rules, your organization can identify the information containing confidential or secure information to aid in permitting or denying access
    • Avoid the potential of a cross agency data breach through identification of vulnerabilities that you may or may not know exist
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