Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions for Forensic Analysis within the Public Sector

Program Information Asset Audits find what you didn’t even know you have and protect the department, agency and its personnel.

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Forensic Analysis within the Public Sector

Forensic Analysis Audits, program information audits, or information system audits are a key component of any agency’s strategy to manage and safeguard its confidential and programmatic content assets. Programmatic content assets often tagged incorrectly internally might provide a certain level of exposure but programmatic and confidential assets stored outside of the domain are far more damaging to the department or Agency. All Public sector agencies and departments suffer from this issue the key is finding the information and that becomes the major Obstacle, an issue solved by Concept Searching.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Identify Granular Information


    Find Information stored on diverse repositories and environments


    Identify information that is missing, incomplete, or not aligned with policy

    Sensitive information breaches are becoming all too common within the Public Sector. As the complexity of information systems increases the DoD and public sector increasingly out sources its information systems and the management of its content assets. This in itself gives rise to a potential information assurance risk. Audits have become a way in which to identify, locate and take action on information being managed in a non-compliant manner seeking to avoid  abreach before it occurs.  The crux of the problem is the inability to find information that is either missing, out-of-date, mis-tagged, or contains information that should be protected, such as security information or records. Concept Searching can solve this problem. If the information exists, Concept Searching will find it – before the audit to correct any issue that would be of concern.


    Are you confident that your information is being managed in accordance with your Governance policy and federal mandates?


    Do you know what is missing and where it resides?


    Is it a concern that policy noncompliance, exposed security assets, or non-declared records may surface?


    Would it be a benefit if you could identify all related programmatic assets inside and outside of the environment, lock them down and restrict access to appropriate personnel?

    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    Concept Searching automatically generates metadata consisting of multi-word terms that form a concept. Using our auto-classification and taxonomy tools, simple rule building will identify content that contains your audit criteria. In addition, the product will also identify mis-tagged documents, duplicates, security vulnerabilities, and undeclared records. Regardless of your environment, or in a mixed environment, Concept Searching can gather information from diverse repositories and silos of information for a complete and thorough audit response.

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    • Ability to identify multi-word terms, concepts, topics, or subjects that are related or inter-related to your Forensic audit search criteria.
    • Easily identify security vulnerabilities, undeclared records, or any specific type of content asset or information improving information assurance
    • Can be used on-the-fly by Audit professionals with immediate feedback and results for action to be taken
    • Works in any environment and can retrieve information from multiple diverse repositories and environments inside and outside of the domain.