Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions for Enterprise Search within the Public Sector

Enterprise Search done right.

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Enterprise Search within the Public Sector

Enterprise search is still challenging for most organizations. It can bring business benefits, but the majority of organizations still rely on end user tagging as the primary vehicle to add metadata. The results are obvious. Although search engines are replaced in hopes of solving the challenge of finding what you are seeking, the problem with metadata doesn’t go away and is accepted as the norm. But it isn’t the norm. Not anymore.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Enables Concept Search


    Eliminates Tagging


    Delivers Relevancy & Precision

    We have radically changed the standard for Enterprise Search. Using compound term processing, an industry unique, adaptive, and scalable technology, that generates compound term metadata, search results deliver insight into content; automatically grouping similar users, subjects, and relationships together through the identification of related concepts. The end result is a consistent understanding of the precise meaning and context of information.

  • Concept Searching


    Are you ready to improve the ability to uncover and use your knowledge assets?


    Looking for a solution that immediately improves search outcomes, rapidly deployed, and easily managed?


    Concerned about the dark data that exists that could put your organization at risk for non-compliance, a data breach, or eDiscovery?


    Have you finally admitted that end users do not tag content consistently or accurately?

    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    Enterprise search has not progressed rapidly enough to keep pace with the amount of information consumed by organizations. Concept Searching supports the search engine by supplying multi-term metadata consisting of keywords, phrases, concepts, and subjects and correctly weights them to improve precision and recall during the search process. The taxonomy hierarchy can also be used as a navigational aid to support the various methods end users use to search.

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    • Compound terms are placed in the search engine’s index, resulting in concept based searching
    • Integrates with any search engine, any application, and in any environment, including non-SharePoint, protecting your investment
    • Eliminates end user tagging, improving productivity and errors associated with poor tagging
    • Fully integrated with the SharePoint or the SharePoint Online Term Store where changes are reflected bi-directionally and in real time
    • Industry unique taxonomy management tools. Designed for the Subject Matter Expert resulting in rapid deployment, ease of maintenance and reduced cost.
    • Provides navigational search, location, and discovery search to accommodate multiple search methods with no degradation of relevance
    Concept Searching