Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions for Content Optimization within the Public Sector

Content out of control increases organizational risk and can cause monetary repercussions if your own content can be used against you.

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Content Optimization within the Public Sector

Government organizations are not immune to the growing proliferation of content, more so now, as the cloud has become a bottomless storage repository and especially if, like other organizations, your content contains what the industry analysts call dark data or ROT. The thought of sorting through possibly millions of documents is unfeasible, costly, and too error prone for manual clean-up. It is increasingly challenging to find valuable content assets and those that can be used against you in eDiscovery, in a noncompliance audit, or privacy data accessed in a data breach.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Identify Data Privacy Exposures


    Eliminate Dark Data


    Improve Search and information transparency

    Do you know what’s in your corpus of content? Is it an opportunity or a risk? Legal experts claim 69% of your content can and should be deleted. This can only be achieved through an understanding of the concepts within the documents. This approach provides the ability to de-dupe documents, identify privacy and confidential information exposures, undeclared records, noncompliance issues, and content that can be used against you in eDiscovery and litigation. Unmanaged content can be costly.


    Do you know if your content contains data privacy exposures or provides access to confidential information?


    What is the confidence level that your content cannot be used against the organization in eDiscovery or litigation?


    Is it a concern that your content may contain documents that are noncompliant with federal mandates?


    Would it be a benefit if your corpus of content was optimized and could improve search and information transparency?
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    Concept Searching automatically generates metadata consisting of multi-word terms that form a concept. The platform can identify redundant and obsolete content across the enterprise performing content clean up and deduplication. Using our auto-classification and taxonomy tools, simple rule building will identify content that contains your search criteria, for example PII or PHI, payroll or meeting minutes. The exposures can be automatically moved to a secure repository for disposition. The same is true for compliance, records management, eDiscovery, and even identifying what end users have loaded on your servers.

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    • Ability to identify potentially harmful content from your corpus of information and remove it to a secure repository for disposition
    • conceptTaxonomyManager and conceptTaxonomyWorkflow were designed for the Subject Matter Expert, not IT enabling rapid deployment of solutions, reducing ongoing maintenance and costs.
    • Identifies ROT within your content, performs content clean up and de-duplication prior to migrations or the deployment of inter or intra agency knowledge sharing applications
    • Improves search outcomes because content of no value has been removed, enables concept based searching and eliminates end user tagging
    • Works in any environment and can be used on a regular basis to identify data privacy exposures, undeclared records, and ESI