Protecting Unstructured Content from Exposure

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Protecting Unstructured Content from Exposure

Corporate risk is increasingly becoming a priority for senior management. The demarcation of who is responsible for the protection of data is becoming blurred. It can no longer be the responsibility of one person, and must encompass all stakeholders and end users to identify and secure privacy assets to protect an organization. Regardless of whether a breach is contained within an organization or, worst case scenario, exposed to the world, 76% of organizations will face investigations, forensics, law enforcement, and actions to protect the victim from harm (Ponemon Institute).

Our approach to the protection of privacy and confidential data includes the proactive identification and protection of unknown privacy exposures before they occur, as well as identifying in real time organizationally defined vocabulary and descriptors in content as it is created or ingested from any source and removing it from unauthorized access. (Read more).

At what point and how do you handle potential data privacy exposures? Or do you?

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