Simple solution to acquire source data from relational databases to combine with unstructured information with no programming required.

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conceptSQL is a separate product and included as a component in the Concept Searching Technology platform. conceptSQL provides a fast and convenient way to acquire source data for documents held in relational databases. The product supports both SQL and Oracle. It provides a simple user interface, no programming is required, and can be rapidly deployed.


Are you looking to expose raw database data in search portals?


Are you looking for a highly scalable search crawler?


Are you looking offer users and a search experience combining structured with unstructured information?


Are you looking to remediate and minimize exposure risks in both structured and unstructured information?
Key Features

Key Features

To use any text search solution a fast and convenient way to acquire the source data is required. conceptSQL has been developed to provide this capability for documents held in relational databases.

  • Granular configuration for crawled data
  • Support for: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and PostGres databases
  • Extraction of binary data fields, for example: SQL Server image/varbinary fields or Oracle Blob fields
  • Extraction of filenames for automatic file system collection
  • Configurable re-collection period for automatic processing of new and changed documents
  • Reduces organizational costs associated with data exposures, remediation, litigation, fines and sanctions
  • Exposes SQL data in a structured and filtered manner
  • Supports faceted search for database data
  • Supports a unified search experience when coupled with other Concept Searching products
  • No programming required.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Provides a simple user interface and easy-to-use configuration of metadata field mapping that will be read and stored for the database row. Metadata fields can be used for filtering on retrieval. Ability to surface crawled data in custom user interfaces with API’s and demonstration source code delivered out of the box.

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