Intelligent Automated Classification

conceptClassifier is a leading-edge rules based categorization module providing our clients complete control of rules-based descriptors unique to their organization.  conceptClassifier provides an easy to implement and maintain categorization descriptor table through which all rules and terms can be defined and managed.  This approach eliminates the error prone results of 'training' algorithms typically found in other text retrieval solutions.  

” We evaluated a number of vendors and Concept Searching delivered significantly higher precision, was simpler to integrate, and the results were exactly as promised.  We believe that Concept Searching is far superior to competitive products in this space.”

Greg Kinne
AT&T Government Solutions

conceptClassifier identifies as part of the indexing process, the categories that each incoming document belongs to.  Each category is defined by a unique descriptor and is associated with key descriptive words and/or phrases held in the database.



Key features include:
  • Rules based categorization module
  • Real-time classification of individual pieces of content aligned to business structures
  • Automatically classifies documents to multiple nodes in multiple taxonomies
  • Highly scalable, fast real-time classification
  • Classifier may be called via web services, or by other related applications
  • Based upon identified and extracted concepts this approach has been proven to be more effective than keyword classifiers


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