Platform agnostic, the Concept Searching technology platforms continue to lead the industry. Uniquely positioned they possess the depth and breadth to solve diverse business challenges and deliver a rapid return on investment.


All platforms share the same core components. Automatic conceptual metadata generation, auto-classification and taxonomy management are standard and were developed with thoughtful consideration of the end user, IT, and the taxonomy administrator. The optional products and utilities were developed to target specific issues that face many organizations. Developed as technologies, not applications, the offerings deliver best of breed infrastructure solutions that have a positive impact on productivity, decision making, and the bottom line.

The technologies are based on an open architecture with all APIs based on XML and Web Services. Transparent access to system internals including the statistical profile of terms is standard. Platforms include a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based search and classification technology, a browser based taxonomy management technology, and a tightly integrated feature set that operates with any search platform. This approach leverages an organization’s current infrastructure investment and ensures future compatibility should that infrastructure change.

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