Concept Searching Article on the Importance of Metadata in SharePoint and Office 365

Concept Searching is pleased to announce the publication, in the KMWorld Best Practices in Enhancing SharePoint White Paper, of the article ‘Don’t Enhance SharePoint – Transform it through Metadata.’

Metadata is, and has been for some time, the source of business challenges impacting search, eDiscovery, records management, data security, migration, social tagging, collaboration, and text analytics. SharePoint does not provide the ability to generate metadata, nor classify it to the Term Store.

This article, based on the results of a Concept Searching ‘SharePoint and Office 365 Metadata Survey’, offers a unique view on how SharePoint organizations are using, and would like to use, SharePoint and Office 365. Organizations are looking to solve business problems and the crux of these problems is metadata. Achieving organizational objectives and transforming SharePoint into a solid business solution delivering quantifiable business results is unobtainable until metadata generation and management are addressed.

“Metadata matters. The lack of understanding and management of metadata as the core component in any application that requires metadata is amazing. These challenges cross broad applications, from records management to social tagging. Two key objectives that should be priorities for any executive team are data breaches and non-compliance,” said Martin Garland, President of Concept Searching. “This article only briefly touches on the importance of metadata, and offers a recommended approach that enables organizations to achieve business objectives, whilst at the same time develop an information governance strategy that will improve management of all unstructured and semi-structured content,” he concluded.

Concept Searching
Concept Searching