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Concept Searching has compiled the annual list of its most read blogs and thought leadership articles for 2013. Concept Searching’s blog, Smart Content Discussions, continues to grow and is now reaching thousands of readers since its launch in 2011. Platform and product agnostic, Smart Content Discussions covers all aspects of metadata, as well as solving metadata challenges as they apply to business processes.

“We are not only a software developer. As an industry leader in technology, we feel it is important to educate, inform, and converse with IT and business professionals. Metadata is a key component in managing and leveraging unstructured and semi-structured data. Smart Content Discussions and our thought leadership articles bring to the forefront the key business and technology issues surrounding metadata,” commented Martin Garland, President of Concept Searching.

The top read blogs and articles include the following:

Am I over the hill or is enterprise search not all it’s cracked up to be?
Although very basic, Internet search is not the same as Enterprise search. But I am not sure that’s what the end user expects. As a result, search vendors seem to have a growing tendency to emulate the functions of the Googles of the world, which do not necessarily equate to productivity within the four walls of an organization. Read more.

SharePoint and Data Privacy – Locking the Fortress Down
SharePoint cannot provide a comprehensive solution for the identification of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Healthcare Information (PHI), ITAR, For Official use Only (FOUO) and other types of organizationally defined sensitive information, making them ideal candidates for security exposures and available to unauthorized internal or external users during the search process. Read more.

Is Ethics Alive and Well? Or Just Compliance?
We focus quite a bit on compliance and information governance, at the most basic level. More or less at the level of the ‘doer’ as opposed to the ‘leader’. We deal with the bottom line, the ROI, the improvement in business processes. But I just read a survey about ethics which I thought was interesting. Read more.

Security Risks Associated with Social Media within an Organization
There are considerable risks associated with social media. The biggest I think is the security and potential exposures of confidential information that should be protected. It combines not only what employees do at work with social media applications but also on their ‘personal time’ using social media from the workplace. Read more.

Information Governance and Unstructured Content – A Moving Target
Effective Information Governance (IG) is hard to achieve as it is a mix of people, processes, and data – unstructured as well as structured. IG is essentially the merging of both IT and core business functions, implemented by people at all levels of an organization. Outcomes even with the best of planning are not always predictable. Read more.

The Trend Towards Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions in SharePoint
The development of an intelligent enterprise metadata framework provides flexibility, and enables organizations to implement governance policies and operations incrementally, with each step directly correlated to business value. From this overarching infrastructure framework, intelligent metadata enabled solutions can be deployed to address the unique challenges of organizations. Read more.

Increasing Knowledge Workers or Automating Knowledge Work?
I would state that all of us, in some way, are knowledge workers. Even at the most basic level a fundamental understanding of our responsibilities is necessary to perform our jobs, making us all knowledge workers to some extent. Individual knowledge comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it is industry expertise, technical experience, thought leadership, the ability to connect the dots in highly complicated projects, and the list goes on.Read more.

Fitting a Square Peg into a Round Hole
Big Data is all the rage – when is enough enough? Conceptual or semantic modeling is often viewed as taking information, regardless of where it exists, and forcing that information into a relational database for analysis. Read more.

In 2012, Concept Searching launched Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions to support our Smart Content Framework™. Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions leverage one set of technologies to solve business challenges regarding search, records management, data security and privacy, migration, text analytics, litigation support, eDiscovery and FOIA, and enterprise social networking applications. The widely read white paper that includes the results of our 2012 SharePoint survey can be accessed here. The two-page overview of Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions can be accessed here. Our Smart Content Framework™ still remains the most widely read white paper available on the web site.


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