‘Popular How To’ Webinar Series to Focus on Office 365′

Concept Searching is pleased to announce the return of its popular ‘How To’ webinar series.

Initiated in 2013, the popular ‘How To’ webinar series comprises fifteen minute product demos. These short, informative webinars typically look at business problems and how the Concept Searching product platforms solve the challenges. This year, the ‘How To’ webinars will focus solely on the conceptClassifier for Office 365 platform. Topics include:

How To Use Intelligent Migration in Office 365
How To Eliminate Security Exposures in Office 365
How To Address Records Management in Office 365
How To Use Taxonomies and the Term Store in Office 365
How To Deploy Enterprise Strength Search in Office 365

The first webinar in the series focuses on intelligent migration. Migration is usually fraught with budget overruns and lengthy projects, and is often perceived as just moving content from one location to another. conceptClassifier for Office 365 automatically generates semantic metadata based on specific concepts within content, auto-classifies the content, provides powerful taxonomy tools to accurately migrate content by concepts, and also identifies records that were never declared and confidential or data privacy information that was never secured. As a result, content is intelligently migrated instead of just moving it to a different location.

“Our ‘How To’ webinar series provides attendees with a hands-on experience of our technologies and an understanding of how they solve business challenges,” said Martin Garland, President of Concept Searching. “We feel it is an excellent opportunity to introduce business and technical professionals to our products, so they can appreciate exactly what the technologies accomplish and how they can be used to achieve their objectives,” he concluded.

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