Webinars to focus on ‘Metadata Matters’ in SharePoint and Office 365

Concept Searching is pleased to announce its 2014 Webinar Schedule. This year’s theme, ‘Metadata Matters’, focuses on the importance of semantic metadata to drive business processes and, coupled with auto-classification and taxonomy management, improve a host of applications including search, records identification, protection of content assets, intelligent migration, text analytics, collaboration and social content, and eDiscovery, litigation support and FOIA. Although Concept Searching technologies are available on non-Microsoft platforms, all 2014 webinars will focus on SharePoint or Office 365.

Concept Searching offers two types of webinar. The first are webinars sponsored by Concept Searching or partners, and explore typical business and information technology challenges faced by SharePoint organizations. This year’s webinars include the following sessions, and information about industry technology leaders who will contribute their expertise to the topics will also be provided.

Details and registration links for all webinars can be found on the Concept Searching website here.

02/18/2014: Microsoft and Concept Searching – Why Metadata Matters in SharePoint Search and Information Governance, co-sponsored by Microsoft
03/25/2014: Climbing the Slippery Slope of SharePoint Migrations, co-sponsored by Portal Solutions
04/29/2014: Data Breaches and Security Rights in SharePoint
05/29/2014: Solve Records Management Challenges in Weeks Not Years
06/24/2014: Collaboration and Social Networking in SharePoint and Office 365
07/22/2014: Best of Breed – Learn from SharePoint Technology Leaders
08/19/2014: Leveraging the Term Store to Deliver Business Value
09/16/2014: Automating Compliance and Information Governance in SharePoint and Office 365
10/21/2014: Change Your Search to Find – On-premise and in the Cloud
11/18/2014: Text Analytics and SharePoint a Unique and Proven Approach
12/16/2014: Compliance in Office 365 – What You Should Know

Back by popular demand, ‘How To’ product webinars are the second webinar type, and offer fast paced 15 minute sessions, which discuss specific business issues and include live demos on how Concept Searching solves those challenges. This year all ‘How To’ webinars will focus on Office 365.

03/19/2014: How To Migrate to Office 365 – You have the questions. We have the answers.
04/16/2014: How To Eliminate Security Exposures in Office 365
05/14/2014: How To How To Address Records Management in Office 365
06/11/2014: How To Use Taxonomies and the Term Store in Office 365
07/30/2014: How To Deploy Enterprise Strength Search in Office 365

All Concept Searching webinars are recorded. To access Recorded Webinars, please click here.


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