Concept Searching, the global leader in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management software, and developer of the Smart Content Framework, is pleased to announce availability of its new utility, conceptTermStoreManager.

conceptTermStoreManager provides native integration with the SharePoint Term Store and the Managed Metadata Service application, where changes in the Term Store can easily be synchronized between SharePoint farms. This functionality enables clients to find relevant information, delivers metadata consistency across the organization, and provides the basis for content lifecycle management.

This tool meets a significant challenge in the SharePoint environment. Microsoft does not provide adequate tools to manage SharePoint term sets, making it difficult for taxonomies developed on a test server to then be migrated to the production farm. The difficulty increases when existing taxonomies need updating, because Microsoft does not provide the ability to update term sets incrementally. A taxonomy can be imported but, because it is a fresh structure, a term set cannot.

“As recognized experts in the field, we were quite aware of the challenges of the Managed Metadata Services and the Term Store. The development of term sets is still highly manual and time consuming. With increasing use of SharePoint farms and SharePoint Online, it was apparent that Term Store users needed the ability to consistently apply the same metadata structures to content across environments and firewall boundaries,” commented John Challis, CEO and CTO of Concept Searching. He continued, “An additional benefit is the ability for users to test, validate, and approve term set revisions and then, using the conceptTermStoreManager utility, migrate those changes to other farms, including Office 365.”

conceptTermStoreManager works with SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, and will be available in SharePoint 2016. The following features are standard:

  • Direct synchronization of term sets between two environments
  • Synchronization between disconnected environments via an export/import process
  • Synchronization from SharePoint 2013 to Office 365
  • Backup and restore of term sets using XML files
  • Support for Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  • Support for all SharePoint 2013 Term Store facilities
  • Preservation of term GUIDs when updating existing term sets
  • Identical on-premises and Office 365 Term Stores for hybrid customers
  • Advanced merge options

conceptTermStoreManager is available on a trial basis with easy download from the Concept Searching website. In the unregistered version, the tool will synchronize all terms at the top level, and terms that start with the letters ‘A’ to ‘N’ at all other levels. All functionality is available when purchased. It is licensed on a per domain basis. All licenses are perpetual. The utility can be installed on as many computers as required for the domain. To purchase the utility after the trial, Concept Searching will provide a license key, and no other system changes will be required. Any system that is capable of running .NET 4.5 will be able to run conceptTermStoreManager.

For more information, please visit the website or contact Concept Searching at support(at)conceptsearching(dot)com

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