Concept Searching Announces Most Popular Blogs of 2018

Concept Searching Announces Most Popular Blogs of 2018

Smart Content Discussions Blog Stays on Top of News, Analyst Musings, and Sometimes the Outlandish, so Concept Searching’s Readership Doesn’t Have To

McLean, VA, US and Southampton, UK – 14th January 2019

Concept Searching, part of Netwrix Corporation and the global leader in statistical metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management software, has compiled the list of its most read blogs in 2018. Readership of Concept Searching’s blog, Smart Content Discussions, has grown significantly over the past eight years and is read by IT and business personnel from a variety of industries.

Eight years ago, a blog was an optional component in an organization’s framework but, today, it is usually regarded as mandatory. Smart Content Discussions requires consistent and non-subjective sharing of information with a wide variety of constituents. It is not designed to persuade or convert its readers, but to keep them informed.

The blog focuses on Concept Searching’s areas of expertise, communicating all aspects of managing unstructured content through the generation of business-critical metadata. This metadata is then used to improve any application or business process that requires its use. Covering technology as a business enabler, the blog discusses a broad range of topics.

“Our blog enables us to remove the communication barriers typically found in sales situations. It allows us to explore the obstacles and enablers that both business and technical professionals are presented with daily,” said Martin Garland, President of Concept Searching. “This information is invaluable to us, as all product development is driven by our clients, blog readers, and prospects. The needs of most organizations and the recommendations of analysts and pundits are often not aligned. Smart Content Discussions gives us the opportunity to explore the real requirements.”

The blogs most read and commented on include the following:

Is Your AI Application Sassing You?
I do believe artificial intelligence (AI) is probably somewhere in our future. Not the near future. It is a Pandora’s box just waiting to be opened. I’ve written some blogs about when AI goes awry, and readers get a good chuckle. But there is a very serious side to AI. I think most organizations see the end point, not the ramifications, of AI outcomes. Read more

Riddle Me This Batman
An Experian report found that 88 percent of companies see the direct effect of inaccurate data on their bottom line, losing an average of 12 percent of their revenue. In a similar study about database marketing, organizations estimate that they could increase sales by 29 percent with corrected customer data. Read more

Artificial Intelligence – Utopia or Inferno? You Decide
What is the future of artificial intelligence (AI)? Is it a doomsday scenario where we are creating machines that will take over mankind? Or will machines overcome us and we will become their pets? Seriously, there is a religion in California that believes that about us as pets. Better than being treated like livestock, so they say. And no, I am not one of those Chicken Littles, crying out that AI is ‘bad.’ Read more

Insight Engines – Ya Gotta Love ‘Em
I’m not sure whether you have been informed but, according to Gartner, ‘enterprise search’ has now been renamed ‘insight engines’ – this follows the renaming of ECM and big content. The same old search vendors, just a new moniker. Gartner does seem to have a predilection for renaming technologies, doesn’t it? What befuddles me is that yesterday an enterprise search vendor was exactly that, yet today it is an insight engine vendor. Read more

Content Management Systems – May They Rest in Peace
“An estimated 75 percent of today’s content management solutions were installed before the year 2010 – meaning that most organizations are now depending upon systems that at best are dated, and at worst dangerously close to end-of-life.” Source: Holly Group. I don’t think I would use the term ‘digital transformation’ but rather ‘digital divide’ here. Read more

How Much Will Your Social Media Channels Cost You?
The risks associated with social media are only going to get worse. Just look at Mr. Zuckerberg and his tale of woe – it seems the EU didn’t buy into his crocodile tears. Already I am off topic. Luckily, we are not all in the hot seat and I could comment about ethics, responsibility, and apple pie, but I will save those thoughts for another day. Read more

Do You Know Where Your Data Is? Probably Not
Not to give away my age, but do you remember the nursery rhyme, ‘Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?’ Well, if we apply this to organizations’ data, most have no idea where their data is. Could be a problem, if you have any concerns about data breaches … Read more

About Concept Searching
Concept Searching, part of Netwrix Corporation, is the industry leader specializing in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management. Concept Searching has a Microsoft Gold Application Development competency, is one of the select few charter members of the global Microsoft Content Services Partner Program, and offers a complete suite of platform-agnostic content analytics, insight, and discovery solutions. The award-winning technologies encompass the entire portfolio of unstructured information assets in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments. Clients have deployed the intelligent metadata enabled solutions to improve search, records management, identification and protection of privacy data, content optimization, migration, text mining, and eDiscovery.  

Concept Searching is headquartered in the US with offices in the UK, Canada, and South Africa. For more information about Concept Searching’s solutions and technologies visit and our Blog, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. 


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