I Predict Growth in Cybercrime During 2018 – Not Exactly Brain Surgery

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I Predict Growth in Cybercrime During 2018 – Not Exactly Brain Surgery

As 2017 is wrapping up, we have dire predictions for cybercrime in the year to come. In an article in Infosecurity Magazine, Trend Micro predicts an increase in vulnerabilities in the internet of things (IoT), which, as it notes, does not rely on regulations or industry standards. Not exactly sticking its neck out is it? I could have predicted that.

The article continues to say that ransomware will continue to be a mainstay, due to its proven success. And that there will be an increase in targeted ransomware attacks, in which the criminals go after a single organization to disrupt operations and force a larger ransom payout.

Whaling/impersonation/business email compromise (BEC) attacks will also continue to gain popularity with attackers, as the return on investment for successful attacks is quite high. And it is predicted that threat actors – people or organizations with malicious intent and a mission to compromise an organization’s security or data – will also leverage growing technologies, like blockchain and machine learning, to enhance obfuscation against traditional cybersecurity protections.

We can look forward to more of the same. Smart cybercriminals finding vulnerabilities and exploiting them. Maybe we should think quality control? Unfortunately, the cybercriminals seem to be winning the war.

Have you done all you can to prevent a data breach, both from internal and external sources? You would be one in a million, I bet. Let me know.

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