Practical Enterprise 2.0

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Practical Enterprise 2.0

The business benefits surrounding Enterprise 2.0 can bring a significant ROI. Defined by social networking tools that encourage collaboration that can link employees, partner, suppliers, and customers to share information is becoming a useful tool for business communication. The primary business benefits of these collaboration and social tools are also accompanied by inherent weaknesses. There are several concerns such as security, unauthorized use, and communication noise. The result has also generated a surge in unstructured content.

But there are business benefits. For example, we have a client who wants to use SharePoint 2010 collaboration sites to profile their 1,000+ staff. The approach must be able to provide the framework to encourage collaboration and communication as well as make relevant knowledge assets easily available to those who need it. One approach we discussed was to build a taxonomy of business skills and then classify the collaboration sites/documents to gain the current expertise of all the staff as they will be tagged with the business skills from the taxonomy. This ensures that the corporate and intellectual assets and expertise are available and easily found. Most importantly, the information that is found is relevant to their needs.

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